Mini, the UnBEElievable Chihuahua

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Name: Mini
Breed: Chihuahua
Location:  Ferndale WA
Human: Tina Lee

Mini is an unBEElievably silly, hyper, crazy little Chihuahua! She loves to lay on Tina’s neck and shower her with slobbery kisses. This adventurous little monkey will always climb on anything and everything–you might mistake her for a cat! She even loves to sit in cat towers and pees in their litter box. Sometimes we’re not sure if she knows that she’s not a cat. Either way, one look at Mini will warm your heart with joy!

Mini and Tina are from Ferndale WA, where Tina works at the Whatcom Humane Society. One day, a terrified Mini was surrendered to the shelter which was about full. Shivering in fear and obviously stressed from the new environment, Tina had empathy for Mini and offered to foster her. Within the first week, the crazy little dog stole her owner’s heart. They were definitely meant to be!

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