Meet Nala & Bruin, rescue pups and best friends!


Owner: Jenny Leavitt
Name: Bruin & Nala
Breed: Lab mixes
Location:  Wisconsin

Nala and Bruin are two rescue dogs living in Wisconsin! Bruin was left in a box with his littermates in front of a kill shelter in Ohio, and Nala was rescued from a kill shelter in Mississippi. Their awesome family rescued them and brought them to live in the midwest. Bruin is now 3-years-old and Nala will be turning 3 this month (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!).

Nala and Bruin are special pups because they are now foster siblings to the other dogs and puppies that the Leavitt family helps rescue. They help teach the foster dogs the rules of being a house dog, play manners, and socialization. They are the best of friends and have inspired their humans to help save more dogs.


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