Piper, No Piping!

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Name: Piper
Breed: German Shepherd
Location:  Websterville, Vt
Human: Hannah

Piper, no piping! This one and a half year old German Shepherd pup loves to howl when she gets excited and believe me, she’s excited all the time. Whether she’s happy you came home, begging for treats or eager for a walk, this child is a mouthy one! If you just did a double-take, I don’t blame you. Her raven black coat makes her look like her primal ancestor, the wolf.

Fortunately, there’s nothing to fear! She is just 85 pounds of pure energy that can run and play all day long without being exhausted. Piper is an expert in the entire curriculum of tricks, but her absolute favorite to perform is the high-5! Luckily, Piper has equally energetic best friends to play with. She absolutely loves her brother Trigger and her sister Addison! While Piper may be a playful friendly pup, don’t you dare mess with her siblings! She makes sure that everyone knows that she will protect them at all costs.


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