Duncan is HUGE, but he’s all love when it comes to his littlest human.

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Name: Duncan
Breed: Great Dane Mix
Location: Monmouth, NJ
Human: Megan W.

It’s hard to miss Duncan, because he is one big pooch! This handsome fellow is a Neapolitan mastiff and Great Dane mix residing in New Jersey. He has impressed his entire family and their friends with how well-mannered he is with their toddler. Duncan met his human brother when he was a puppy, and the two were almost instantly best friends and siblings.

The two will argue, play and tease one another – but at the end of the night, they always give one another kisses before bed and hugs when they wake up. Megan, Duncan’s human, says bringing Duncan into the family was one of the best things she did and strongly believes that large breed dogs like Duncan are just as loving as smaller dogs with members of the family. Congrats Duncan, and thank you for taking such good care of your littlest human!


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    • Megan
      Megan says:

      Thank you! He is a big boy but that was the point I wanted to get acrossed. Just because he is big so many people are intimidated by him but he is perfect with our toddler and people should see that. Just because they’re big doesn’t mean that they’re mean dogs.


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