Sugar The Lovable Pomchi!

Owner: Lydia Dominguez
Name: Sugar
Breed: Pomchi
Location:  Ventura, California

Sugar the Pomchi lives up to his name! This sweetheart has filled his mom’s life with so much love and companionship at a time when she needed it the most. After unexpectedly losing her father on the Fourth of July last year only a month after she lost her beloved Snowshoe cat to cancer, Lydia was absolutely devastated and heartbroken. Though she was worried it was too soon to add another furry family member to her life, she found Sugar at a local animal shelter and fell in love. She knew that this guy was meant to be a part of her life and ever since his adoption he has filled each of her days with smiles and laughs. Sugar’s unconditional love helped Lydia overcome her grief and he continues to be a star in her life.

Whether it’s rocking a hat like nobody’s business, cuddling up with his mom, or playing a rousing game of fetch, this lovable pup is an amazing guy!

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