Tonka, the Serial Cuddler

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Name: Tonka
Breed: Great Dane/ Neopalaton Mastiff mix
Location:  Barre, VT
Human: Kaitlyn Coates

This is Tonka, the Great Dane/Neopalaton Mastiff mix. Tonka is the most interesting 1 year old you will ever meet! His gentle and patient temperament naturally pushed him to be in training to become a therapy dog for people of all ages. He’s a definite people person and is friendly even with strangers!

Tonka is the biggest baby, and loves his family. He thinks he’s a lap dog which is completely okay with Kaitlyn, especially her daughter! Tonka developed a reputation as a serial cuddler, but who doesn’t love cuddles?

Tonka is the best dog to ever come into Kaitlyn’s family and they everything about him! He’s a true family man. What’s not to love about that face? Oh, and those eyes!

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