Pick of the Litter 2018 Movie

Pick of the Litter (2018) – Movie Review

If you are a dog lover, you’ll want to see this. These puppies will keep you rooting for their graduation to Guide Dog status. It’ll give you ‘the feels’

Follow 5 puppies on the quest to be guide dogs. Patriot, Potomic, Pil, Primrose and Poppet.

Patriot, Potomac, Phil, Primrose, Poppet

Guide Dogs for the Blind (GDB) receives 1,100 applications a year. Out of so many puppies born each year, only 300 of those make it to become guide dogs. Almost from the moment they are born, their training starts.

Pick of the litter Movie PosterPuppies are moved to “puppy raisers” and then back to campus for more guide dog training. It’s a lot of learning for the puppies and a lot of work for their raisers. Watch as these dogs work their way through their training, trying their best not to become a “career changed” dog (cut from the program).

Watching this movie gives you the feels as you follow these charismatic dogs. You will root for these dogs, make you cheer out loud or makes you want to hug your own dog at times.

To prepare yourself for this movie, get popcorn, a box of tissues (we don’t care how big or strong you are, you’ll need it), and keep your dog by your side.

5-Paws all the way!

We love Pick of the Litter! It shows just how amazing dogs and humans can be together.

Runtime: 81 minutes
Genre: Documentary (A doggy doc)
Rating: Not Rated (We think this is a G for the whole family)
Opened: Aug 31, 2018
Streaming Started: Dec 4, 2018 (Now)
Rotten Tomatoes: 100% Tomatometer & 93% Audience!

Pick of the Litter – Official Trailer

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EntirelyPets has partnered with Guide Dogs for the Blind, Canine Companions for Independence and many other animal charities.

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What did you think of this movie? Let us know in the comments below!

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