Small, but Mighty: Meet the Chihuahua

Chihuahua is an exceptional dog breed, even though special has no superlative. This is the smallest breed, yet the one with the most prominent personality. Amusing, loyal, friendly, they could satisfy the needs and desires of every animal lover who’s looking to introduce a new friend into the house.

Chihuahua is the symbol of Mexico, and they’re often named the “pocket dogs” because they can be introduced in small backpacks and purses and carried along due to their small size. We’re talking about a real dog here, one that’s able to learn and obey as educated dogs do, and one that can compete with other dogs (regardless of their size) using its agility and speed.

Chihuahua’s main purpose is to be loved and to be close to his human parents. Experts said that Chihuahua is among top 10 watchdog breeds.

Well, enough with the chaotic details, let’s build some structure. In today’s post, we’ll tap into the mysteries of the Chihuahua dog breed, analyzing various characteristics, personality traits, advantages, and disadvantages. Shall we?


Very Affectionate with Close Ones (5/5)

“While many breeds can be very independent even though they’ve been grown very affectionately, Chihuahua is not the case. This breed is extremely passional, loving, and affectionate with its family members, especially when it comes to the “main parent.” – Alex Johns, CEO of a college paper writing company and Chihuahua owner.

Simply put, a unique and abundant bond gets created between this amazing breed and its owners.

Children Friendly (5/5)

Some dogs can be gentle and harmful to kids, while others can represent even threats. Chihuahua, given its small size and “family personality” will embrace the younger members of your family with grace and warmth. Even though generalizing over breeds is helpful to some extent, the children friendliness attitude of a Chihuahua is mostly given by the attitude of its owners.

Dog-Friendly (2/5)

There’s a big difference between human-friendly and dog-friendly. Well, Chihuahuas, even though they’re the smallest, they have the “king personality” – they need to be in charge, they need to be respected, and they need to be prioritized. If these conditions are not met in a public environment, the Chihuahua will usually make a scene.

Stranger Friendly (2/5)

DomyWriting Review suggests that “When it comes to friendliness towards strangers, Chihuahua could be considered diplomatic entities, though not extremely friendly and warming.”
What’s out of Chihuahua’s comfort zone frequently becomes either a threat or a thing worth ignoring. Again, the environment and the family of the pet makes a big difference in how he reacts to everything “new.”


Apartment Dog (5/5)

Dogs that weigh over thirty kilos, dogs that leave a lot of fur behind, and pets who have pressing exercising needs are “outdoor dogs”, while Chihuahuas, the smallest breed among, whose needs are not abundant and whose energy levels fit the apartment lifestyle, well that is considered the perfect “apartment dog”.

A Good Fit for New Pet Owners (4/5)

Chihuahua is an easygoing breed that doesn’t generally put owners into difficulty. Of course, I’m talking about serious owners who are dedicating time, attention, and love to their dogs, not those who want to reap the benefits of a specific breed. Chihuahuas, even though they’re often independent thinkers, they love to play along and build a stable relationship with you.

Sensitivity (5/5)

When it comes to sensitivity, Chihuahuas are not doing “so fine.” They’re an extremely sensible breed, both physically and emotionally. High sensitivity dogs are often having difficulties adapting to loud noises, severe owners, and chaotic households.

As Jane Grigg, Chihuahua owner of a custom essays service suggests that “Chihuahua is a trinket and must be treated likewise.”

“Home Alone” (1/5)

The home alone chapter is not looking too good either. Chihuahuas have a constant need of being with their loved ones, so they’ll often make a lot of noise, barking and crying while you’re gone. Chihuahuas are often worried when the owner is missing from their sight, and they can manifest that anxiety through chewing, breaking things, barking, or whining.

Cold Weather (1/5)

These dogs are not friendly to cold weather, not at all. That is why you mostly see Chihuahua dogs with clothes even during the summer season. Their short coat and undercoat, plus the low body fat make this breed extremely sensitive to cold weather.

Hot Weather (2/5)

The lack of hair plus the underdeveloped skin protection of the Chihuahua represents a “hot weather” problem. This breed cannot “cool itself off” on his own due to the constitution of its skin and fur, so you’ll have to pay special attention when the weather is getting hotter. During summer, Chihuahuas often retreat inside the house, to places where they can find shades and cold.


Simple to Train (4/5)

It very much depends on your training skills, or on your particular trainer’s skills. A Chihuahua is a very “trainable” breed, but only if you understand its needs, desires, and attitude entirely enough.

Intelligence (4/5)

Intelligent? You bet. Chihuahuas are excellent communicators, they’re extremely expressive, and they know how to show you what they want, how they want it, and when they want it. Of course, discipline is key to managing this sort of intelligence.

Drive to Run for Prey (3/5)

Some Chihuahuas run for every “prey” they see, others would not even pay two cents. This depends on the environment, the owner, the dogs with whom the Chihuahua has interacted, and many other things.

Barking and Howling (3/5)

A dog barks or howls. Chihuahua’s tendency to bark is moderate to high, meaning that it depends on where you keep it, how you train it, how you treat it, and so on. Generally, it’s a hit or miss in this case too.


Simple Grooming (5/5)

Many dogs get dirty easily and have to get cleaned immediately. Many dogs need proper grooming and caring, many baths, many products, much care. Well, not the Chihuahua. This is a breed that is very easily taken care of, and it doesn’t take too much time or effort.

Weight Problems (3/5)

Dogs have a weight gaining tendency too. Just like us, they need a healthy diet that can satisfy their needs and match their lifestyle. Chihuahuas have a medium to the high tendency of getting fat. When a dog gets fat, it becomes unhealthy, and problems will arise. If you get a Chihuahua, make sure you’re ready to cook some healthy meals.

Hair Shedding (2/5)

Every time you consider sharing your house, bed, and comfort with a new dog, you need to consider how tolerant you are to hair. A breed that leaves a lot of hair behind might put you in trouble at work, in relationships, all because of the huge problem it brings (lots of hair). Chihuahuas don’t leave much hair behind, only when the season’s change and their coat transforms.

Health (2/5)

Chihuahuas aren’t extremely healthy dogs. Due to their high sensitivity levels, they often “get into trouble.” Many problems from injuries to other immune system diseases may arise. For that reason, Chihuahuas should always be treated with much care and attention. Their diet and nutrition are extremely important for their overall wellbeing.

Drooling (1/5)

Chihuahuas are not drooling-type of dogs. They’ll never slobber on your arm, and never ever going to leave big wet dots on your clothes.

Dog’s Size (1/5)

Chihuahuas are the smallest of the smallest, but the fiercest of the fiercest. Their personality is fierce as the tornado, and their temperament is often the direct opposite of “calm.” However, the personality depends very much on the life the dog lives.


Playfulness (4/5)

The Chihuahua is a very playful breed who likes to have a lot of fun. They prefer playing with humans rather than other dogs, though there can be exceptions. A Chihuahua can find some best friends, and in their presence, it can manifest its “warm, playful side.” However, they can get naughty whenever provoked by unknown doggies.

Energy (3/5)

The Chihuahua’s energy is in the middle of the scale. It’s not low, but it’s not high either. You don’t have to take him out all day, but you need to give him at least a few decent walks.

Intensity (2/5)

We’re not talking about an intense breed here. And when I’m referring to intensity, I’m talking about vigor that he has when he grabs the food, the passion that he uses to jump on you, and the strength of his body weight that hits you in full force.

Special Exercise Needs (1/5)

The Chihuahua can meet his daily exercise needs even while sitting in an apartment. However, as I’ve mentioned earlier, giving him a decent morning and night walk would be more than fine!

Conclusion: Is Chihuahua Right for You?

The facts were given and presented; you should already know the answer. If you don’t, it means you’re probably not a well-suited partner or that you haven’t actually connected (emotionally) to the possible future that this type of unique personality might bring in your life.

However, if you’ve felt in love with the description bit by bit, I’m urging you to make that important adopting choice right now and don’t look back. As they say, follow your heart to find the direction, use the reasoning to sustain the process!

Author Bio:

Justin Osborne is a writer at Assignment Masters, he loves to share his thoughts and opinions about education, writing and blogging with other people on different blogs and forums.

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