beautiful asian girl kissing american shorthair cat on the bed

Springtime Activities with Your Cat

Cats have a reputation for being distant and aloof. To people who don’t understand these special creatures, they may seem like they want to run the show and do things their own way, but cat lovers know this is not the case. Sure, felines value their alone time and do not respond well to being picked up when they have another agenda, but they can be very affectionate and love spending quality time with their owners.

As the weather becomes more pleasant with the coming of spring, your cat will be getting more active and curious. This is a perfect time figure out some things cats like and have some fun with your furry friend.

Walk Your Cat

Many people are surprised to learn you can walk a cat like a dog. All you need is a leash, a harness, and plenty of treats.

  1. Attach the leash to a body harness, as cats prefer this to having anything around their necks.
  2. Start by putting the harness on the cat without securing it.
  3. Move to fastening the harness but still allow the cat move freely.
  4. Finally, hold the leash gently as you move around with your cat.

Don’t forget to give them plenty of treats at every step to keep them in a good mood. Once your cat is trained, you can have tons of fun exploring new areas together!

Adult british shorthair cat hunting in the grass on harness leash

Take a Road Trip

It takes a bit of work, but cats can learn to appreciate road trips. The key is making your vehicle as comfortable and familiar as possible. Start by training your cat with a leash and getting it used to being in a carrier. Then get slowly get your furry friend used to the car by taking it on short trips around the block with the carrier firmly strapped into the back seat. When you are ready for the big trip, attach a hamster water bottle to the carrier so your cat can stay hydrated.

Cat on a sunset beach adventure.

Test Your Cat’s Trust

Earning a cat’s trust takes time, so do not be offended if yours does not respond well to these new adventures. When spending time with your cat, pay attention and see if it ever kneads you or rolls onto its back, exposing its stomach. Both of these actions mean your kitty trusts you and is being affectionate. Try giving it a “cat kiss” – hold its gaze and blink slowly without breaking eye contact. If it returns the gesture, it considers you a friend. A cat has a higher tolerance for being touched by someone it trusts!

beautiful asian girl kissing american shorthair cat on the bed

Groom Your Cat

You may be surprised how much of a difference you can make just by brushing your cat’s coat and rubbing it down with a slightly damp cloth. Brushing your cat’s teeth and trimming its claws can also help with good hygiene, as long as you know what you’re doing.

Cute black wet cat licking after a bath, drying off with a towel

Make Your Cat a Star

If you’re up to date on the latest trends, you know how much social media loves cats. If you start an Instagram account for your pet, chances are it will get more followers than your own personal account! Your cat does not necessarily need to be gorgeous, either – people love weird looking cats just as much and sometimes even more than good looking cats.

Winter Christmas lights with cat sitting in soft bed.

Give Your Cat Some Catnip

Remember when your cat was a kitten and would actually run around and play? Give it some catnip and watch it relive the days of its youth. Prepare yourself with toys on hand, since your cat will have lots of energy to burn off.

cat sniffing and munching a vase of fresh catnip


Make Some Toys for Your Cat

Cats love puzzles, and it can be very entertaining to watch your cat try to solve them. Put a treat or two inside a plastic bottle, then lay it on the floor without a lid. Watch your cat bat it around until the treat falls out. You can increase the difficulty by taping empty paper towel rolls together and hiding treats inside. While you’re in the mood for crafts…

Make a Play Area for Your Cat

Tape cardboard boxes and paper bags together in various configurations, and cut holes to form passageways for a makeshift playground for your kitty. Alternatively, you can fill a box with packing peanuts and watch them roll around in it. Better yet, make a ball pit by filling a box with ping pong balls. This will help your cat have fun on its own!

male tabby cat playing in a paper bag on the floor

Play Cat-and-Mouse

Challenge your cat to a game of speed and skill by dragging a piece of string around for it to chase. For a more advanced option, tie a string to a stick and tie feathers to the string to create prey your cat will love to pursue. This will train your cat’s running and jumping skills, promoting important exercise and a fun bonding experience.

cute cat trying to catch the play feather

Train Your Cat to Track 

Hide treats around the house or yard for your cat to find. If this isn’t enough of a challenge, rub a slice of sandwich meat against some old socks and hide those. Start easy, then ramp up the difficulty as your cat transforms into a master tracker.

owner's hand feeding cat a meat treat.

Now you have some new and fun ideas of things you can do with your cat this spring. They are unique and intelligent creatures, and playing these kinds of games with them can be very entertaining for both you and the cat. Once you start interacting more with your kitty and doing more adventurous things, they will start to become even more curious and brave. It can be really exciting to see them learn and explore the great unknown!

About the Author: Jessica is the founder of PurritoCat, just like you, she is cat lover with a cat named Chip. She decided she would share what she knows about cats so other people could enjoy, communicate, and simply love their cats.


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    I can say, my cat loves the grooming, slicker brush or rubber Kong brush always grabs lots of lose hair that would have otherwise find it’s way around the house and Oliver loves the kitty massage.


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