Top 10 Pet-Friendly Vacation Destinations

Traveling with your dog is definitely a satisfying thing to do, but it requires some planning beforehand as well as thought through choices of your vacation destinations, ways of travel, etc. While booking a pet-friendly hotel might seem like enough to enjoy your time away with your pooch, it can get quite frustrating to discover that your pup isn’t welcome in most places you’d like to visit.

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Therefore, it would be wise to inform yourself of the top dog-friendly vacation destinations where your dog will be able to spend some quality time with you wherever you go. That’s why we created this list of top 10 destinations in the U.S. and abroad that are perfect for people that love traveling with their four-legged pals. However, don’t forget to prepare yourself for the trip and ensure your dog has everything he needs to be your travel companion.

1. San Francisco, California

San Francisco is not only an excellent destination for family vacations, but it is also a perfect city for dogs as well! You can bring your dog to the city’s famous cable cars, in plenty of restaurants as well as in some fancy places like Mutt Lynch Winery.

Your pup will feel completely involved in your vacation and won’t be missing out while you dine.

2. Buffalo Peaks, Colorado

This amazing destination is not only perfect for outdoorsy people, but it is also a dream come true to all active dogs that love outdoor activities and following their owners on their wilderness adventures. Your pup will surely work on those muscles more than usual, so make sure you bring some treats with you in order to provide him with enough energy. Bringing a water container your dog can have drink water from will also be necessary.

Buffalo Peaks Wilderness will be a wonderful and healthy getaway for you and your dog. However, know your dog’s limits and don’t exaggerate with exercise, as some dogs might be more prone to exhaustion such as brachycephalic breeds, older dogs or dogs affected with certain health conditions.

3. Key West, Florida

Looking for a U.S. tropical and dog-friendly destination, then Key West is just what you need. As it turns out, Key West is not only a perfect place to visit during summer, but it is also super dog-friendly. You can even bring your dog to the Key West Aquarium, or to Island Dogs Bar for a drink.

Be aware that temperatures can get really high here so your pup will need proper prevention from overheating in order to enjoy his vacation to the fullest. Bear in mind that hairless dog breeds will also need some sunscreen, just like you do, in order to avoid the sunburn.

4. San Diego, California

This California’s sunny city is definitely a great holiday destination for dog owners. It not only has amazing weather that you and your dog will surely use up well, but it is also rich in off-leash parks and pet-friendly restaurants.

On really hot days, you can even spoil your dog with Frosty Paws – a sugar-free ice cream designed specifically for dogs. Find it in the Lighthouse Ice Cream Shop and get ready to shot some of the best photos your dog ever had!

5. Sanibel Island, Florida

Sanibel Island in Florida is one of those places that just regenerate your state of mind and relax your body at the mere thought of them. Luckily, your dog can also join you and enjoy breathtaking sunsets on the island’s beaches.

There are plenty of beaches where your pup can easily chill with you, but not only. You can even rent dog-friendly beach houses or book a night in a dog-friendly hotel.

6. Wallonia, Belgium

Wallonia is the French-speaking region of Belgium, and it appears to be among the most dog-friendly destinations in Europe. Apart from offering a wide specter of stunning towns to visit, Wallonia has more than 1300 hotels where your dog is welcome to join you.

7. Paris, France

Paris might easily be Europe’s most dog-friendly capital. Namely, the city of light offers more than 1,000 pet-friendly hotels, hostels, and apartments. What’s amazing about Paris too is that there are plenty of parks where you can walk your dog and escape from the city traffic.

8. Italy

Apparently, Italians are crazy about dogs. Not only are they welcome almost everywhere, but you will often realize that even bars that are not labeled as pet-friendly actually accept our four-legged friends inside.

You will easily find pet-friendly accommodations all over the Italian peninsula, however, make sure you’re informed on pet travel and all specific requirements this country ask you to provide.

9. Berlin, Germany

Your dog will surely feel more than welcome in Berlin. You and your pup will get around the city easily with public transport, and you will have a lot of parks and green spaces to bring your dog to.

Apart from numerous pet-friendly destinations, you will also discover that there are many cafes and bars that not only accept dogs inside but make their signature meals for dogs as well.

10. Tel Aviv, Israel

Believe it or not, but the Israeli sin city – Tel Aviv, is one of the most dog-friendly cities you’ll ever visit. Not only is this city a perfect destination for your summer holidays because of its nice weather, but it also offers a wide range of activities you can do with or without your pup (it’s all up to you).

You’ll see that most restaurants and bars are pet-friendly and that dogs are welcome aboard every public transport. Not only, but it is quite common in here to bring your dog to work too! Talking about pet-friendly destinations? Tel Aviv has the largest number of dogs per capita in the entire world! I believe that proves that this Israeli city might really be considered the world’s most pet-friendly capital.

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Kristina Lalovic is the editor of Barking Royalty, the website where you can find plenty of useful and reliable information about canines. She has always been a dog person and had dogs in her early childhood. She’s constantly researching and learning about the ways to make dogs healthier and happier. Kristina and her Havanese Paco are inseparable pals and enjoy spending time outdoors.

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