Top 8 Stores That Are Pet-Friendly

Having a pet is an amazing thing that definitively changes your life for the better. But what happens when you want to go for a walk in the park with your furry friend but you also have to do some shopping.

It would be a bit inconvenient and time-consuming to go back home to let your dog home just so you can come back to do some shopping. That’s why you’d better know in advance which shops are pet-friendly and which aren’t.

Knowing in advance would save you a lot of trouble and remember that each owner has the right to decide whether he allows or not pets in his shop – no matter what his decision is you should respect it.

With no further ado, in today’s post, we’re presenting our top 8 stores that are pet-friendly.

1. Sephora

Sephora is one of the largest beauty retail in the world and the best place to refill your make-up stock. But one thing that you might not know is that despite the lack of a clear pet-friendly policy, many Sephora shops are allowing their customers to shop accompanied by their furry friend, said the sources from

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2. Academy

Academy is a shop for sport and outdoor activities – the shop that covers all your athletic needs. There’s no official per-friendly policy, but the pictures they share on social media with dogs in their shop proves that no policy doesn’t mean forbidden for them.

3. Macy’s

Macy’s is one of the most popular department stores, and it seems to have no problem with their customers who decide to shop accompanied by their dogs. Usually, department stores are pet-friendly even though they don’t have a clear policy to ensure you of that.

Anyhow, advises that your dog should be well trained and accustomed to walking in crowded places as Macy’s can get crowded, especially during holidays.

4. Lush Cosmetics

Lush cosmetics is a very popular brand that promotes their cruelty-free products. So, if they are cruelty-free, it can mean one thing – they love animals. If they love animals, it would be a bit weird to not allow their customers to enter with their pets, don’t you think?

Conform to a source from My-Assignment.Help, their love for animals is really showing in the war they greet the customers’ pets with smiles, hugs, and treats.

5. Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters is a shop destined to savvy, cool, hip millennials which are more than happy to welcome their customers that come to shop with their dog. According to a custom essay expert, in most of their locations, they approach a pet-friendly policy.

Taking a closer look at their shop design, conforming to an expert from Rush Essay, you can notice that is spacious and ideal for shopping with your dog.

6. Babe

Babe is a well-known woman’s retailer that has an official pet-friendly policy that confirms that you are not obliged to leave your furry friend at home if you want to refresh your outfit.

Sources from related that many customers reported that they were able and warmly welcomed in their shops even though they had their dog with them.

7. Apple Store

Apple is one of the most well-known brands in the whole world because of its unique technology. But one thing that probably not many know about them is that they allow their customers to enter their shop even though they are accompanied by their dogs.

Even though they seem to be pet-friendly, you must know that the Apple Store can be very crowded during the holidays, so it would be the best for both you and your dog to leave him at home.

8. Half Price Books

Half-Price Books is a book retailer is proud to be a pet-friendly shop. They adopted this policy mainly because of their employees who wanted to bring their dogs at work, but eventually, they had to restrain their employees at 2 dogs per shop because most of their employees had dogs and it wasn’t really a working atmosphere.

According to one of the best paper writing services, this policy is up to the manager of every store, and of course your dog must be well behaved.


Some owners are more open-minded, and some simply don’t want to put his products at risk – we all know that some pets can be really naughty and there are pet owners that can’t really tame their pet. That’s why we should understand their decision.

Fortunately, more and more business adopt a pet-friendly policy so you won’t have to let your dog alone ever again when you need to make shopping. Faith in humanity restored.

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  1. Nancy
    Nancy says:

    When travelling, we have no option but to bring our dog with us, it’s necessary to buy products during the trip and would be so much easier if they allowed dogs, as long as they are under control. While in Florida, we saw a baby goat, cockatiel and a dog in Walmart, different Walmarts. There didn’t seem to be any issues and I had no problem with it, the dog was actually in the food aisles, again, no problem. I’ve seen children standing on tables in McDonald’s, wet diapers in shopping carts or even just seated in the main basket, they could contaminate with their shoes as easily as any dog. If the pet becomes a problem, they can be politely asked to leave but all stores should accommodate pets, there’s no reason not to. A dog stroller is available for small dogs, that could also be allowed as now they are not in contact with anything if store is worried about hygiene. Thank you


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