Top Places to Visit in California with Your Dog

With landscape extending from scenic ocean views to mountain panoramas and the exquisite redwood forests, California has an extraordinary range of topography to its name. This comes with many opportunities and choices for the people in California to go out and enjoy the most of this magical state. California is also a pet lover’s delight where rules and regulations make the state a safe community for domesticated animals to thrive with the human population. The beautiful weather, pet-friendly hotels, and beaches that welcome dogs makes the sunny state of California a pet lover’s paradise. So, if you’re planning a holiday with your Fido or simply reside in the state, here is a list of the top places in California where you and your buddy can have the time of your lives and create memories.

Rosie’s Dog Beach, Santa Monica, CA

I’m sure, as someone who resides in California, especially in Santa Monica, you must have been to Rosie’s dog beach with your dog, and if not, you must have heard of it. Rosie’s dog beach is SaMo’s only shoreline where dogs have full access to run around freely without their leash. Rosie’s has a little history behind its name. It was named after a bulldog, Rosie who inspired her owners to lead an initiative for allocating a section of the beach to dogs so they could run around unleashed. Ever since Rosie’s become every dog’s paradise where you can find dogs of every shape, size, and breed running around, digging in the sand and splashing the salt water that hits the coastline. It is stretched across an area of three acres and has ample space for one dog per owner to soak under the sun. Your pooch should be vaccinated, tagged and under control.
Timings: 6 a.m to 8 p.m

Huntington Dog Beach, Santa Monica, CA

The Huntington dog beach runs parallel to the Pacific Ocean highway, just south of Los Angeles. The beach is kept clean at all times for the dogs to run around safely on the sand. It is free for the public to go on a morning walk or run with their dogs. You’ll find people from across the region and country hitting the beach during the annual Corgi Con or the Corgi Beach Day which takes place thrice a year. The event witnesses thousands of Corgis in costumes competing in different contests and events that place. Food trucks that sell dog treats and stalls with Corgi merch and dog-friendly tattoos is a common site during the meetup. Now imagine your Corgi dressed up in a fancy outfit and running on the beach with his fellow Corgi friends
Timings: 5 a.m to 10 p.m

Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles has a big heart where it graciously accommodates everyone. The city of Hollywood has more than 25 pet-friendly restaurants that salons that are dedicated to your pets. The city even has pet fashion boutiques where you can splurge on designer outfits for your dog. The elitist Beverly Hills area has high-end hotels that are made especially for dogs and the others welcome dogs with the human guest. Hiking is another fun spring break activity LA has a dozen of really amazing hikes where you can your buddy can venture along and have some adventure together. Here is a list of trails you can choose from:
Runyan Canyon/ Trebek Open Space, LA
Betty B. Dearing Trail, Santa Monica
Be aware that these trails require your dog to be on a leash at all times. Make sure you have the right type of collar, leash, and harness for your dog while taking him on a trek.

Coronado Island, San Deigo, CA

Golden sandy beaches, pristine blue water and dogs running on the beach, this is an overview of Coronado Island which is every dog lover’s paradise and home to two Naval bases in San Diego. Coronado is definitely the prettiest off the leash dog beaches of the county and has plenty of activities for your dog. You’ll find restaurants that happily welcome your dog with outdoor seating arrangement, bakeries that sell pupcakes for dogs and hotels and pubs that organize Yappy hours throughout the week. Take your pooch to the Coronado Dog Beach where the dogs are allowed to play off the leash. However, make sure to read the signs of the section where off the leash dogs are allowed and carry the leash with you at all times.

Mendocino County, CA

Mendocino is situated in northern California. It is a coastal community that is famous for its cliffside trails where you and your fido can trek along with stunning beaches of the Mendocino Headland State Park to give a scenic view. This eco-friendly county was the first in the US to ban GMOs (Genetically modified organisms). Mendocino is probably the most dog-friendly community in the States. It has resorts, Air BnBs, and lodges that even offer blankets and towels for your dog. You can find locally cooked organic food and treats for your dog, and they are treated like family. Wine tasting with your pooch at the wineries is another activity that you should add to your list if you visit Mendocino county which is miles from north of San Francisco.
To find out more, check out

Carmel by the Sea, CA

Ladies, gents and pooches, a round of applause for the nation’s number 1 rated dog-friendly towns, this is Carmel By The Sea, a small beach city happily located at California’s Montreal peninsula. The city welcomes your pet like no other place in America. The hotels, restaurants, beaches, trails all have a place in their heart and property reserved for your pet. You’ll find water bowls, and dog treats set up everywhere in the vicinity of the town. About thirty inns and hotels have VIP treatments like spa, massages, salons and grooming facilities for dogs. The city literally lays down the red carpet for your pooches and welcomes them with open arms. You’ll find dogs frolicking around without anyone making a remark or threatening your dog. The dogs are allowed to be off the leash at the beach, and you can even shop with dogs with stores providing water bowls and dog treats.

Mayflower Dog Park, CA


The Mayflower Dog Park runs parallel to the Colorado River and has a list of activities installed for you and your pet to relish from. You can camp with your pooch or simply spend a day and go fishing with him. The area has facilities for your dog except there are no bathrooms to freshen up. The park has big lights installed on the running tracks for the dogs so you can take him during the night time as well. There are separate penned areas allotted to large and small dogs with one a grass patch and the other a dirt patch. Make sure you carry your own disposable bags but just in case you forget, there are plenty of doggie bags available in the park. It’s a great place for an outing or a Sunday brunch picnic with your family and play fetch with your Fido.

Dolores Park, San Francisco, CA

The Dolores Park was originally a refugee camp set up in 1905 for people who had lost their homes in a calamitous earthquake and fire that shook the city of San Francisco. That is history now, and the park serves as a community hub for the locals to organize weekend barbeques, picnics and dogs running off the leash amidst all the madness. The beautiful San Francisco skyline is clearly visible from the park like no other place in the city and is definitely a spectacle you shouldn’t miss out on during the sunset hours. You can expect a number of dogs running all across the proximity of the park so if your dog is an aggressive one, make sure you have on a leash at all times. The park is a large expanse of lush green grass and offers no trails for hiking or long walks. Make sure you carry your own disposable bag, but just in case you don’t, there are bags available in the posts that the park has placed throughout the park.

California is has a wide range of dog-friendly spots and towns where you and your pet can hop onto a new adventure every weekend. From beautiful sunsets at the Pasadena, the magnificent beaches throughout the west coast to trails that will lead you and your dog to the never before seen places in the hills, you could create endless memories for a lifetime and like they say,

“If they can’t do it in California, it can’t be done anywhere.”

– Taylor Cadwell

Author bio:
Aishwarya Sen is a Literature graduate from India. She has two adorable Shih Tzus and a rescued American bobtail cat. While not working on new projects and ideas for pet awareness on her blog Fido & Feline you’ll find her traveling across the Himalayas
or spending time with her pets.

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