Top Places to Visit in New York with your Dog

Taking care of your dog does not only mean feeding them; rather there is much more. To keep him in your apartment the whole day may make him bored. Keeping your furry pal in the same boring place for so many days is the last thing you can do!

The summer is heading, and now, you can have fun with your Fido by visiting some astonishing local spots if you want. If you are planning to get some fun with your little kid and make some nostalgic memories, have a look at the list of top places in New York!

Central Park, NY

People who are staying near Manhattan must have heard about Central Park. For anybody out there, it can be an appealing place to hang out. The place will be just right for your furry baby because they have something interesting for you. They afford you the ability to leave your dog without any leash for a specific sum of time. Your dog can roam around and jump the way he wants! You can let you little furry ball roam around from 9 in the morning to 9 in the evening.

The total area of Central Park is about 23 acres which are evidently a large area to visit with your dog. Your dog can dig, run, roll, sniff and jump, and no one is going to stop him! You, along with your dog, will get an incredible opportunity to get some fresh air to start fresh again.

Inwood Hill Park Trail, Dyckman Street and Hudson River, NY

If you are feeding your furry friend properly then exercise is a must. Yes, let your dog exercise with you. Are you staying in Manhattan? Forget it! Take him to a walk to Inwood Hill Park. This is about 2 miles away from Manhattan. You will take probably 1 hour for this. All of the parks are basically designed and re-designed by the designers. If you want some nature, this place will go with your interests.

If you want to see the one and only Natural Park in the Manhattan Island, the Inwood Hill Park Trail is all you can want for. Do not think about the busy streets and crowded places of the city. Get into nature with your dog and spend time playing with him. He will thank you for this, we ensure that!

Shake Shack, Madison Avenue & East 23rd Street, NY

The name shakes you out, right? Shake Shack is situated in Madison Square Park and was opened in early 2004. This place includes everything you and your furry ball wants. When you enter this Shake Shack area, you will be cordially welcomed with delicious fries. Along with that, you will be able to taste the appetizing burger.

You might be thinking that food is only for you. Hold there, because you and your kid both will be treated equally! You can feed your child with a chilled doggy-treat which is named as Pooch-ini. This delight is coated with peanut butter to make it lip-smacking. For your dog, vanilla custard is also added which is purely dog-friendly.

Prospect Park Dog Beach, Brooklyn, NY

A beach not for you but for your dog, yes, it exists! Do you want to enjoy the warm afternoons in a place where you can see your dog having fun, and you can have the sight of a beach? If your answer is yes, we would suggest you try Prospect Park’s Dog Beach in Brooklyn. The best part about this place is this is a beach where your wooly little kid can have the amusement of swimming with his new friends. It’s specially designed for the dogs, and can be sure that your dog is never going to feel lonely in this place.

When summer is the best season for you, you may feel that it can fry your furry ball. To keep him safe from the excessive heat, this place is a calmer place amongst all! No matter it is about swimming with the other doggies or going for a dip, your dog will find the place friendly.

SPOT Canine Club, 105 West 72nd Street, NY

Are you spoiling your kid with foods and toys? Go for a little more. You can try spoiling your baby dog with some newer places for hangouts! Facilities like the SPOT Canine Club will be best for this. Even if your dog is the grubbiest dog till now, they will make them appear and feel better than before with their service!

 labrador retriever dog eats ice-cream in wafle horn from human arms

If you want to pamper your dog, here you go! Do it with a doggy blowout! This place has a dog bakery. If your dog loves food, then all you need is to serve his favorite food to him. Some delicious treats will make your dog feel better than everyday boring food at home. Not only that, but you can also grab some ice-creams for your furred doggy. Are you ignoring yourself? Don’t do that because you will get some delicious cakes for you too!

Avoid bathing your dog before going out because we recommend you bathing your dogs once in a month. As we all know, dogs get grubby very fast, you can try to give your dog a very basic bath after coming back to home if you want. Not mandatory. In winter, always use warm water and hairdryer to make him feel warm.

Petography, 421 Fair Street, Carmel, NY

All you want is an outstanding picture in your living room with your pal, don’t you? This is important for keeping up the spirit of your kid. If your pet is bored of staying at home, you can take them here to see some amazing poses by your dog. Jim Dratfield, the photographer of the famous Petographer, will lift up the spirit of your kid and will make him learn poses.

Your dog can get bored of taking pictures at anytime, so it is best to bring some dog toys to play with. This will also work as a prop for better pictures.

You can go for Shaina Fishman for getting some portraits of your favorite pet too. These places are more important to visit because your dog will not be bored. You can see the true spirit of your dog and bring the natural him back again.

Bark in the Park, 1904 Surf Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

The name must have amazed you, and yes, the place is just the right deal for your dog. Bring up your best bud and let him bark in the park! Bark in the Park is basically hosted by the Brooklyn Cyclones, and they host it every year. Even this year, they will host this event on the 14th of August this year.

If you are searching for a new member of your family, then let us tell you that you can have it from that place. They also arrange a pet adoption center on this day which is open from 2 pm to 5 pm. If you are interested, you can have a look.

From offering dog licensing to taking care of your dog, they do it all! They also note the emergency factors, and so they keep and Emergency Preparedness Clinic there for any sort of accidents. If you want to see presentations by Canine performers from Pawstars, you can go for it too. You will also be able to join a pre-game parade with your kid here.


Always keep in mind the hungry stomach of your dog. Here, we have suggested you places that with dog foods availability nearby. But still, some places are more close to nature, and you cannot get any sort of dog food there. I still suggest that you feed your dog an hour before going out or half an hour later after coming back. However, if you plan to stay a bit more than the usual – you may stock up some food for your dog and take them to the journey.

We recommend you going to places where your dog can get the opportunity to meet new friends and can get friendly. You can also take your dogs to the nature-friendly area where you and your dog can spend some time in the fresh air.

When you get back home with your pal, parasite and bug protection for your furry ball is important. And to prevent the likeliness of such a negative incident, you should clean the resting place before putting your dog to sleep. I know it is arduous to do this after getting back from such a journey, a pet-friendly vacuum cleaner will do the trick I suppose.

New York is a city where you get no parks at all! They stay jailed up inside the apartment, and only you can release him. If you search, then you will get to know about plenty of places where you can take your dogs to make them feel free and jump with happiness. Let them free and enjoy their smile!

Author bio:
Jean E. Allen is a pet enthusiast. She loves to be bestowed with her pets, sometimes more than being surrounded by humans. You can see her as an introvert for her this attribute. She has delved herself into pet hygiene and working on raising public awareness towards it. she is currently working with

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