10 Best Places for Pets to Live

Searching for your furry companion’s dream home just got easier. We’ve sniffed out the pet friendliness of the largest 100 US metros. Using four metrics – the percentage of land area devoted to parks, the number of pet-friendly rentals, the number of dog parks, and the number of pet amenities per household of each metro – derived a PetScore for any given metro up to 100.

Denver, CO ranked No. 1 as America’s most pawsome city with a score of 89.3! Denver’s pampered pooches enjoy a high number of dog parks while ample pet amenities help spoil the rest of its pets. Following closely second, San Diego, CA scored 88.5 due to the high percentage of land dedicated to open space – 21.9% in fact.

A strong pet-friendly apartment ranking and above average pet amenities helped Madison, WI secure the number three spot at 84.0.  Portland, OR (83.8) and Tacoma, WA (83.3) ranked fourth and fifth. Portland offers many fun off-leash locations for your canine companion while Tacoma is perfect for cuddling up with your feline friend given that 65.4% of available rentals are pet-friendly.

Check out the info-graphic to see the remaining PAWSOME cities.

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