a german shepherd mix breed dog is kissing his baby girl on the cheek as the relax outside at the golden hour on a fall evening.

10 Ways That Dogs Make Our Lives Better

Keeping a dog is perhaps one of the best experiences we humans will ever have. In all of the ways that us people have messed up or made stupid mistakes, a dog will never judge or shun you and will love you unconditionally. This thought somehow makes you think that despite everything, we humans were deserving enough to have the opportunity to have a dog, to have a companion, to have a best friend.

However, some people who haven’t owned a dog or any kind of pet in general may not understand this concept. They may be wondering what makes having a dog so special? Well, let me give you at least ten ways on how keeping a dog just makes your life a tad bit more colorful and fun.

french bulldog is cute kissing girl. she carry on a dog.

1. A dog helps you stay fit.

What? How does this even make sense? It’s basic fact that our bodies work in an interdependent manner. Meaning what we do in one facet affects the whole and this is true with our general health and well-being. When we exercise, this does wonders to our bodies.

So how does a dog fit into the equation? As part of being a responsible owner, your dog also needs as much exercise as you to stay fit and live long. What better way to work out if not with a companion? There are numerous ways to exercise and have fun with you pooch through engaging in dog activities such as playing catch, Frisbee, running, and many others.

Stock up on funny colorful fetch balls, flexible bite-resistant plates, and Frisbees for sports training and endless fun. A frisbee is one of the great must-haves when you play with your dog.

dog catching frisbee in jump, pet playing outdoors in a park. flying disk

2. Get your healthy dose of vitamin D.

When you engage in dog activities, you are bound to go outside and play under the sun but there’s more to it than just having your daily Vitamin D. studies have shown that going on early morning walks when the sun has just risen can drastically reduce the risks of cardiovascular diseases, depression and cancer. Being surrounded with nature like on a park with trees or just your neighborhood, just helps you be in touch with your surroundings, away from the hustle and bustle of the daily life in the city and to simply take it all in.

(As a side note, there are numerous types of dog collars and dog harnesses that will suit your needs.)

beautiful blonde woman playing and stroking her loyal border collie

3. Boosts your body’s immunity.

It is no surprise that dogs are ridden with bacteria on their fur. It may seem icky, I know, but so are humans. Despite that, this is actually a good thing. Numerous research has proven time and time again that exposure to bacteria benefits the human body through strengthening immunity. Children that grew up with pets have also shown that they are less likely to get sick, develop allergies and have asthma, consequentially lessening absences in school due to health reasons.

 a happy view of a golden retriever's face using a fisheye lens

4. Petting your dog reduces stress.

The rhythmic task of petting your dog or even grooming your dog such as brushing their fur helps clear your mind. More often than not, you have been put in a circumstance where you get home all pooped from work or you have negative thoughts that have been plaguing your mind. Simply petting your dog gives you a break and just be in the moment. And when you’re done, you would feel drastically refreshed or even just a little bit lighter.

Dogs are extremely intuitive and they somehow just know that you just need them to be there for you.

senior woman with her dog inside of her house.

5. Having a dog teaches kids responsibility.

When a child is given tasks such as making sure that the water bowl is filled, the dog is fed and so on, this teaches the child the value of accountability. This cascades down to their adulthood and research has backed it up that children who grew up and took care of their dogs were significantly well adjusted and develop healthy relationships as they became parents themselves.

happy girl with her dog breed white terrier walking in a field in autumn

6. They help build self-esteem.

Along with leaning the importance of responsibility and doing the easy tasks, allows the child to take initiative and this in turn helps build self-esteem. These little things help the child in being confident in taking initiative and this has been proven by studies as well. Moreover, this also helps them socially. Dogs also teach children little social cues in one way or another.

young handsome man taking a selfie with his dog

7. Gives a family an opportunity to bond.

According to Gail F Melson, PhD, a professor of developmental studies at Purdue University that when kids were interviewed and asked if their respective dogs were part of the family, the answer was unanimous saying, “Of course they are!”.

Having a family dog creates a common understanding among households that the pet is everybody’s responsibility in the house. In most cases, the dog becomes the center of activity such as grooming, feeding, taking the dog out for a walk, playing and etc. This also gives parents a break of the hectic life of providing for the family and just have fun with their children.

mother and daughters in park with dog smiling

8. Dogs teaches us some of the most important things in life.

Dogs teach us some of the most important things in life but also the hardest ones. If you grew up with a dog, the first experience on mortality is more likely the death of a family dog. As children or even as adults, we are reminded that death is a natural process. Although this is indeed a sad experience, it teaches us how to cope with grief and loss.

Dogs also teach us unconditional love. When you are at your lowest such as getting laid off at work, acted on something that you have regretted, or any circumstance that has put you in this certain situation, your dog will always come and comfort you. This somehow teaches us that, as humans, we are inherently flawed and it just takes one act of affection and comfort that makes things better and you know you’ll get through it. Bottom line, dogs love you for being you and that’s all that matters.

a german shepherd mix breed dog is kissing his baby girl on the cheek as the relax outside at the golden hour on a fall evening.

9. A dog gives you purpose.

When you decide to get a dog, this is not something that you decide on a whim. You are now responsible for a life other than your own and that in itself is enough that gives you purpose. After a long day and the very moment you step inside your house, you hear your dog running to your direction welcoming you and you get to realize that at the end of the day, you go through all the hectic life and these snippets of relief just makes it all worth it.

a silhouette of a happy young woman is sitting outside at sunset lovingly kissing her large german shepherd mix breed dog.

10. They make you smile.

You might as well forget all the nine reasons and this alone would simply be enough to get yourself a dog. There is never a dull moment when you have a dog. With all the quirks, frustrations and a whole lot of love, dogs can (and will) make you laugh, cry and so much more.

happy beagle dog outdoor portrait

If all these reasons combined are not enough to justify how a dog makes our lives way better, I don’t know what is. It is fascinating that in exchange for a fraction of your time, dogs are willing to give you their lifetime of unconditional love and companionship. For us humans, they may just be a dog but for them we are their whole world.

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    Thank you so much for this wonderful article. I stumbled across the title of this blog and was intrigued to see what it was about. In my opinion, there are dozens upon dozens of ways that a precious puppy can enhance one’s life. I think you nailed it by saying that dogs can teach us the deepest and most precious life lessons.

    I will definitely share this with some fellow dog owners 🙂

    Thank you again –

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