4 Tips to Prep Your Dog for Back to School

Summer is almost over and if you have kids, you’re most likely preparing for back to school. The added responsibilities of getting the kids ready with new outfits, the right school supplies and calming their worries are all part of the process. It’s a big day coming up and it can bring a sense of excitement and nervousness for all of us… our dogs included.

Our dogs have a very keen sense of emotion and they tend to feel what we feel, but sometimes we forget to include them in our various life events. They spend the summer with us on holiday, go on our picnics, and play with the kids all day long, so it’s no wonder they feel a bit left out when school comes around. They’re wondering where all the excitement went!

The feelings of being left out can set the stage for anxiety and problem behavior. Taking measures to help prevent this will take you a long way in not only preventing bad behavior but helping your dog through the process!

Here are some tips and tricks to help you prepare:

1. Think Positive!

Focus on what you want the outcome to be, not what you don’t want. This may seem simplistic but it sets your mind in a positive state which can help set your dog’s mind too

2. Doggy Shopping Spree

Try and shop for your dog during back to school shopping as well as your kids! Look for interactive toys that will keep your dog occupied so he or she can have some things to do while everyone is away

3. Interact With Your Pup

Provide your dog with an opportunity to have some interaction with a loving friend throughout the day, which will help them ease into the new schedule as well

4. Keep Calm and Pawty On  

Ensure a calm departure in the morning that will help leave your dog in a calm state. Leaving some relaxing music on during the day will also help your dog feel more relaxed. 

You know your dog better than anyone. Having a family meeting about different ways you can help your pup feel calm and confident will not only make back to school a family affair, it will also create a more loving and co-operative result. If you believe your dog already has some signs of separation anxiety, consider including a loving dog coach to the family plan who will provide you with everything you need for a successful back to school season.   

About The Author:

Sylvie Savage has always had a strong sense of partnership with animals. She inspires people to be mindful pet partners and is continually identifying new ways to enhance our pet relationships.  She has been featured in major publications, radio, television and national pet events sharing her unique views and insights on understanding your relationship with your pet. You can read more of her insights at www.sylviesavage.com

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