puppy dog running exercise on the street park in the morning

5 Everyday Habits That Help Keep Your Dog Fit

Keeping fit has never been easy to us humans, the same applies to our dogs. Most people make a New Year resolution to exercise daily and cut down on the amount of food to eat. They do all this in a bid to keep their weight in check. This resolution does not normally last long.

Preventing our dogs from becoming unfit is always a difficult task. They always eat a lot due to their very active nature. Our dogs also play a lot and do so much exploration that they get hungry within a very short time; this certainly calls for frequent eating of different foods which are likely to lead to unfitness in our dogs.

Most dog owners normally get worried when their dogs become unfit. The unfitness is undesirable because it can be accompanied by many different health conditions. The good news is that you might not need to worry anymore, here are the five everyday habits that will help keep your dog fit.

puppy dog running exercise on the street park in the morning

1. Ensure that your pooch gets enough exercise daily

Exercise is the most effective way of keeping fit. Exercise will make your canine friend thrive. Thirty minutes of vigorous exercise daily is ideal for your dog. If you want a stunning dog who is physically fit, your input in terms of exercise will be highly needed. This is achievable in various ways including taking it for walks.

Since dogs are excellent companions, you can have your dog to accompany you during your jogs. A dog will not be a perfectly matched pet for a lazy person. Let no barrier hinder you from having your dog to accomplish his daily dose of exercise. In case of bad weather, to compensate for the walks and runs outside, a dog treadmill is a perfect alternative.

For you to help your dog to exercise as it should, you should always be ready to engage in some exercise too. You need to keep yourself motivated by knowing that the exercise has so much importance to your dog, and at the same time it will do both you and your canine so much good. To keep yourself motivated, get a new member into the team and go exploring new trails. Ensure that you have the appropriate running gear to enhance your comfort.

Dogs really like getting involved in what their owner does. They just can’t wait to please you by doing what you need them to do. Engaging your dog in some interactive play will keep him entertained, and at the same time, it is an easy way of getting your dog to get some exercise.

active seniors getting ready for a run with their dog outside in green nature

2. Watch the everyday calorie requirements

Deciding on the right amount of calories that your dog should take is a difficult task. Trust the SlimDoggy iPhone app, which will simplify the task for you. The right amount of calories for your dog varies according to its level of activeness, size, weight and age.

A very active dog needs to be fed more compared to a less active one. If your dog gets more exercise at some specific time during the week, increase their food from the normal days when there is no exercise and feed them more on the exercise day.

french bulldog puppy eating carrot

3. Watch out for the treats

If your dog is a fan of veggies, then you must be a lucky dog owner because veggies are better and healthier dog treats. Make use of this opportunity to ensure that your dog barely gets other treats which are likely to cause them any health complications. Veggies and fruits have very low amounts of calorie level.

Another option is that you can choose to let your doggie access treats which are small in nature, or, you can break your treat into small pieces. The few calories gotten from the treat will lead to a greater satisfaction to your canine companion.

Altogether, you can choose to omit all edible treats from your dog’s diet. It may be hard at first, but with time, it will become a habit. You can replace the edible treats with something else, like a toy. Whenever your doggie does something great, have its best toy at hand to congratulate your loyal companion.

labrador retriever with bone is waiting at home.

4. For a dog who is already overweight, feed them less

Once your dog starts getting fat, panic sets in, and somehow you can do anything to get your dog in the right shape. Even if you follow the instructions on the back of the food bag on how to feed your dog, somehow your dog will still gain weight. This is not a very good indicator to any dog owner, whether you own a working or a non-working dog.

If this happens to your dog, going by the book will do you no good. You need to reduce the amount of food that you feed your dog by a certain percentage. Do this until you are sure that its weight will reduce as required. You could keep doing it until you are sure that that the weight will become consistent if your dog was just starting to get overweight. Feeding your dog less food does not mean starving it, but just giving it enough.

 funny dog eating food from red bowl

5. Measure the quantity of food your dog gets

To check on your dog’s weight, make sure that you measure the amount of food that it feeds on daily. Using a scale, or a measuring cup will serve you a great deal when it comes to this. If you are a working pet owner, you can make use of high-tech equipment which has been modified to assist in eliminating the measurement problem.

There are pet feeders that you can set to feed your dog at specific times of the day automatically. These pet feeders can also give the dog your specified amount of food. This will help in making sure your dog only eats what is enough.

woman feeding and petting puppy. horizontally framed shot.


Keeping your dog fit will keep them looking good and healthy, and also increase their lifespan. These tips are exactly what you need to do to ensure that your dog remains fit enough. I hope that you have learned enough on what you need to do daily to keep your dog fit.

Your dog relies on you for help in almost everything; be the good owner that you should be and don’t let your dog become unfit. Just follow the daily habits discussed above and keeping your dog fit will be as easy as apple pie. Leave any comment where necessary and ask a question where you need clarification.


About the Author:

Helena Foster is a Veterinary Nurse and the founder of PawsomeWorld. She has a lovely dog – Lulu. With the love for dogs, she’s willing to share her experiences for dog owners to help them make a better life for their own dogs.

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