5 Jobs You Didn’t Know a Dog Could Have

Everyone knows that first and foremost, a dog’s main job is being man’s best friend. Their loyalty and devotion to humans is what makes them the perfect companions, however their capabilities go far further than this. Their amazing intelligence and canine abilities have allowed us to train them to carry out a vast range of jobs. Here are just a few of the jobs dogs do which we’d be lost without…

Police Dogs

Dogs have been trained to work alongside the police for years. They’re trained to carry out a range of duties, such as detecting drugs or explosives, looking for missing people, cadaver detection, searching for evidence at crime scenes, pursuing suspects and protecting their handlers, to name a few. To do this they must learn and remember a number of verbal and hand commands.

Therapy Dogs

Dogs who carry out therapy work must have a calm temperament with an eagerness to be around people and can successfully learn commands. They tend to be used in nursing homes, hospitals, hospices and schools to provide a relaxing and comforting presence. Studies show that for some people therapy dogs are a huge part of a recovery process. These dogs brighten the lives of many, every single day.

Search & Rescue Dogs

Search and rescue dogs save the lives of humans on a daily basis, and have been doing for years. These dogs are essential for when disaster strikes or when people go missing, whether that’s up a mountain or in an urban area. They can detect and search for humans (both alive and dead) out in the wilderness and in hazardous conditions, even if they’re under water, snow, or debris.

Service Dogs
Due to their growing popularity, there are now thousands of people who rely on service dogs on a day to day basis. There are many different types of service dogs, such as guide dogs, hearing dogs, mobility assistance dogs, seizure alert dogs, and autism dogs. Each of these dogs give their owners both emotional and physical support, including a new lease of life and independence which otherwise would be lost.

Guard Dog
Guard dogs are used to help keep us safe and to protect us from danger. Using their strong sense of hearing, smell and most importantly their bark, they offer invaluable K9 protection against unwanted or unexpected intruders. They are usually an effective deterrent to ward off trespassers, and typically protect properties or livestock.


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