5 Ways to Show Your Pet Some Love

Our pets make precious life-long companions, which is why it’s important to help them live healthy lives. Here are a few things you can do to help your furry friend live healthy and happy lives.

1. Regular Checkups

Just like their owners, pets can suffer from a variety of illnesses and injuries. Regular visits to the vet can ensure that these conditions are caught and treated or managed before they get worse.

cute puppy kissing female vet in clinic

2. A Healthy Diet

Talk to your veterinarian to see if your pet requires a special veterinary diet. Regardless, be sure to keep a close eye on what your pet eats and how much they eat! This is crucial to ensure that they get all the nutrients that they need to stay in top shape.

 little dog maltese and black and white cat eating food from a bowl in home

3. Stay Active

In addition to helping maintain a healthy weight, exercising your pet regularly also helps slow down the development of joint issues! If their joints are wearing them down, swimming is a great alternative activity to running.

two dog running and chasing on the lawn

4. Lend a Hand

If you notice your pet having trouble walking or jumping, this may be the symptoms of joint issues. Invest in some ramps and orthopedic beds to make it easier for them to get around!

little dog maltese and black and white cat sitting with owner on the sofa in home

5. Health Supplements

Aside from a healthy diet, your pet could need extra nutrients from health supplements. Joint health supplements such as Cosequin® Soft Chews work to help maintain their joints and keep them active for the years to come.


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