a green beautiful planted tropical freshwater aquarium with fishes

7 Health Benefits of Keeping an Aquarium

Blue betta fish in a fish tank

If you are thinking of adding a fish tank to your home, you can expect more than just a great interior element. According to the principles of Feng Shui, a fish tank in your home is a symbol of wealth and luck. Scientifically, fish tanks have proven to have an abundance of health benefits. Beautifully colored fish and the elegant way they move around are exceptionally pleasing to the human eye and have a multitude of positive effects, and in turn, health benefits. Proper placement of a fish tank in your home or office can bring just the perfect combination of balance and harmony to the space.

What are the health benefits of an aquarium?

1. Reduce Stress

Simply thinking about an aquarium has a soothing effect on a person. Fish tanks bring a sense of nature and calming into your home, thereby reducing stress levels. Especially in high-stress environments like office spaces, fish tanks have proven to lower stress levels and resulting in healthier employees. And taking care your fish tank is a good way to reduce stress.

Goldfish in a fish bowl inside a dark room

2. Improve Blood Pressure and Heart Rate

The underwater setting has proven to improve people’s well-being and health. Studies have shown that a person can slow their heart rate down and lower their blood pressure by staring at fish swimming around an aquarium. Staring into an empty tank with only seaweed and rocks can decrease heart rates by 3% and more than 7% when fish are present in the tank. A fish tank can also be beneficial to heart attack victims by reducing their stress levels, blood pressure and heart rate, keeping their hearts healthy.

group of a small gold barb fish in an aquarium

3. Improved Quality of Sleep

An aquarium near your bed can also help you sleep better. Since the positive energy brought to the room by an aquarium reduces stress while you sleep, it helps you to have a better night’s sleep. Fish tanks are also great for removing negative thoughts, allowing you to fall asleep easier every night. If placing a fish tank in your bedroom is impossible, try watching videos of fish swimming underwater to benefit from the calming effects of an aquarium.

Wall sized aquarium above bed in hotel room

4. Decrease Anxiety and Pain

Have you ever noticed how many doctors, dentists and therapists have a fish tank in their waiting room? It is not simply for decoration, but because of the calming and pain-relieving effects an aquarium has on the human body and mind. It is proven that an aquarium can help patients overcome pain. Studies have shown that patients who are exposed to a fish tank in the waiting room at the dentist experience less pain during their treatment as well as require less pain medication after their dental work is complete.

A fish aquarium is a great natural anti-anxiety treatment for those who suffer from anxiety disorder. With a similar effect to hypnosis, watching fish swim around a tank diverts your attention, calms your mind, and helps you to throw off your sorrows.

close uphappy gold parrot fish in aquarium

5. Therapy for Hyperactive Children

The condition of children suffering from hyperactivity disorders improves if they are allowed to watch fish swim around a fish tank. It has shown calming effects on children. These effects afford children better concentration as well as improved sleep. In turn, this calming effect and improved concentration help hyperactive children perform better in school.

two children, brother and sister, cute little girl and adorable baby boy feeding a goldfish swimming in a round fish bowl aquarium having fun with their pet at home

6. Alzheimer’s Therapy

Studies with Alzheimer’s patients have shown that displaying fish tanks with brightly colored fish have helped these patients by improving their eating habits and minimizing disruptive behavior. Patients become more relaxed and exhibit less physical aggressiveness, yelling, wandering and pacing. In addition, these Alzheimer’s patients also had better short-term memory and required fewer medications.

a green beautiful planted tropical freshwater aquarium with fishes

7. Improved productivity

By reducing your blood pressure and lowering stress levels, a fish tank can help you focus better. The aesthetic value of an aquarium improves creativity of your work space. It, therefore, increases the productivity of the workers.

Create a beautiful aquarium in your home with natural and real plants and fish to experience the calming and healing effects. Add elements that your fish will enjoy, like rocks, sand or gravel, water plants and drift wood. These elements will be please you as you enjoy your fish swimming around.

Small fish bowl in corner of desktop with computer and accessories

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I’m Toby Sanders. With more than 15 years of experience in aquarium sector, I’m totally passionate about creating Aquarist Guide blogspot. I enjoy sharing all of my knowledge to help you guys effectively build your own tank. I believe that when you find the easiest way to raise your lovely fish successfully throughout my blog, you will definitely fall in love with fish keeping more than a popular hobby.


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    “Decrease Anxiety and Pain” is sop true! Ever since we have created one in our home, basically in the middle of our living room, I feel such a relief for some reason.


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