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7 Tips For Moving Your Cat Into A New Apartment

Moving to a new apartment can be both exciting and tiring. But if you’re moving with your cat, it can be a different story. A cat is place-sensitive. Thus, the transition will be difficult for your pet. As your cat developed strong bonds with the current environment, it can be stressful for it to move from one location to another.

Listed below are some tips that you can do to soothe your cat’s anxiety when you move into a new apartment, including the top cat-friendly cities.

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1. Use pheromone therapy

It’s a way to calm your cats while moving, but consult your cat’s veterinarian first to determine it’s necessity. If your cat needs it, make sure that you use it during the moving. Start when you’re beginning to pack your belongings and use it during the transfer. While settling in your new apartment, continue using the therapy.

When you start to pack, your cats will love to lie in those empty boxes. But will soon begin to sense that something is going on, causing them to stress out. That’s why most experts recommend using pheromone therapy to calm cats down.

You may use a spray, wipes or diffuser like the Feliway Electric Diffuser, which is a top selling calming solution for your cats! You may also use a pheromone collar depending on your preferences.

cute tabby kittens sleeping with mother

2. Keep up the daily routine

When you’re preparing for the move, you’ll be busy packing up those boxes and cleaning things out. While you do this, makes sure to keep your cat’s daily routine like feeding time, play time and attention consistent. If you could, try to give your cat some extra love and care. Give them some extra treats as well but keep them in a safe room that’s less chaotic with plenty of water, food and a litter box.

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3. Invest in a car-safe cat carrier

During the move, your cat will be anxious even with the pheromone treatment. To keep your kitty comfortable, keep them in a secure carrier. If the pheromones don’t work, you could ask your veterinarian about a mild sedative. It’s only given if your cat is extremely anxious and the pheromone therapy doesn’t seem to work.

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4. Introduce the new apartment

Your cat will surely be overwhelmed if you immediately give them a new room in the new place. Thus, it’s advisable that you introduce the house and the room slowly at first. You may also allow your cat to explore the place on their own. However, if your cat is timid, keep the transition slow and gradual.

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5. Bring things that are familiar to your cat

These are your cat’s favorite things that will remind them of the old home. Present the items to your cat after the move. Your cat will adjust easier when there are familiar toys and boxes around. These things will give a sense of being at home. That being said, don’t forget to pack your kitty’s favorite toys, tents, blankets, etc. for them to feel at ease.

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6. Make sure to cat-proof the new apartment

Before you even allow your cat to wander, make sure that you’ve checked any dangers in the apartment that could create trouble for you and your cat. These would include escape holes and areas where the kitty could get exposed to wires or stuck. You must resolve all of these issues before allowing your pet to explore.

As you’re also exploring the new place, you should shut the door’s rooms firmly. In this way, your cat won’t go in and out of a particular room that you haven’t seen yet. You must also prevent your cat from moving out of the apartment without your knowledge. In this way, your cat will not attempt to return to their old home; this is especially true if your new apartment is just a few streets away from the old one. Your cat can easily remember, and they may encounter some old routes while exploring. Make sure to keep your pet indoors at your new apartment and keep at it for about a month before you allow them outside to explore.

Feed small but frequent meals and make sure to give them lots of attention. In this way, you can build the bond between you and your pet. 

Another way to help your cat feel at ease is to furnish your new apartment with a familiar scent. Doing so will help your kitty feel at home. Your main goal in the first few weeks of moving is to make the new apartment feels home. Make sure that your cat feels that the new home is new territory that gives food and shelter. It can take weeks or even months before your cat can get used to the new home, so be patient!

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7. Try some holistic remedies

That is if your cat is still not relaxed after a few months of moving. You may consult with a veterinarian about any holistic remedies that can help your animals.

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    • EntirelyPets
      EntirelyPets says:

      Aaron, Glad to hear your cat is doing well at your new place. Even after all of those tips, it’s still up to your cat to get used to the new environment.

  1. Miranda
    Miranda says:

    Hi there
    I am looking for some friendly advise. I recently moved to Texas from Iowa. Sadly, I had to leave behind my 1 y/o kitty, Ferris. I am about to move into my new apartment, though. I would really like for Ferris to come and live with me. I am moving in to an apartment with my cousin who has two small dogs. My cat Ferris is very dog friendly and gets along great with my parents three dogs where he is currently residing. At my parents, Ferris is able to go outside sometimes, and has a big house to wander around and hide in. I am worried that bringing Ferris into an apartment will be a hard transition for him and that he may ultimately end up unhappy. I would like to give it a shot, though, as I am really missing him. I am worried that Ferris will not like or get along with my cousins two dogs because they are high energy and have never been around cats before. I am worried Ferris will be unhappy that he will not be able to go outdoors here, unless he is on a harness. I am also worried that he will not adjust well to an apartment after living the first year of his life in a house. Any advise would be welcomed.

    • EntirelyPets
      EntirelyPets says:

      I would try using a pheromone diffuser like Feliway to help with the stress of the move. Taking into account the energetic dogs, trying to get them to socialize together might take some time. Ultimately, this is a difficult decision for the best life for Ferris. If your love for her will outweigh the quality of life she has at the house. I wish you and your kitty Ferris luck.


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