9 Ways To Keep Your Furry Friends Comfortable at Home This Summer

Summer’s here and your pets aren’t safe from the scorching heat from the sun. If you feel hot, your pets feel hot too!

While our furry buddies have their own way of cooling themselves, they’ll appreciate your effort to keep them cool this season. They never fail to show you their loyalty and the love, so they deserve this extra attention. Here are some tips to keep your dog or cat comfy during summer:

Open the house

Staying outdoors in the summer might be more comfortable than locking yourself inside a poorly designed house or apartment. Ventilation is an important part of home design. Open your windows to allow fresh air inside the house, cooling your interiors. This way, you and your dog will feel comfortable at home.

When you can utilize the breeze and wind to cool down your home, you won’t need to leave the AC running all day, saving power.

Use smaller rugs

The tiles and wooden floor surfaces remain cold during summer.  Don’t cover them! Your animals will benefit from the cool floors. Instead of using large area rugs, lay smaller stylish ones on the floor. If you don’t have smaller rugs, go bare.

Use mechanical fans

One way to improve ventilation at home is by using mechanical fans. It helps move stale air out of the house as fresh air comes in. Leave these on for your pet and allow them to lay in front of it if the temperature’s rising.

Change their bedding

Even if your pet prefers sleeping on the floor, it doesn’t mean that you skip preparing their beds. Use bed fabrics that are cool to the body. You can put their bed next to yours so you share the air conditioner or fan that you’re using when you sleep.

Provide a comfortable outdoor space

Animals and outdoor spaces go naturally together. Playing and hanging outside is good for them, so support it!

Walk your dog in the park during the cooler times of the day—early morning, evening, or late night. Take your dog in a place with tall and shady trees. If you have a tree in your backyard, let them stay there. Make your backyard pet-friendly so they can comfortably stay and sleep outdoors. Build them a dog house or setup a simple bed under a shaded patio.

Hang sun-blocking curtains

The windows are responsible for the unnecessary rise of temperature indoors. It can make your home 87% warmer during the summer. To avoid this, hang drapes over your windows during the day. These curtains will block the sun and the unwanted heat from coming in through the windows. At night, you can open your windows to completely cool your home. This is one of the most cost-efficient ways to keep you and your pets at ease.

Give them easy access to water

It’s important to have a source of fresh, drinking water for your cat or dog. That’s the one thing they’ll look for after walking or playing under the hot sun. You can build them a small drinking station, pond, or splash fountain. Having a pool will help your dogs beat the heat with a little doggy swim.

Give them a haircut

Dogs and cats with thick fur can feel miserable during summer. If they need a haircut, give them one. You can take them to your trusted pet salon or you can trim the extra fur yourself.

Finally, give them a bath

Sometimes, all they need is a bath to cool them down. Make your dog excited about bath time by creating their own shower or grooming area in the laundry room or garage. Cooling oatmeal baths or aloe shampoo will help soothe warm skin and help them relax even more.

We hope you find these tips helpful in keeping everyone cool this summer. When you and your pets feel good inside your home, there’s nothing that can stop you from having fun and making memories together—not even the scorching hot sun outside.



About the Author: Charlene Ara Gonzales is a design writer in Superdraft Pty. Ltd.’s team of architects in Melbourne. They’re leading in providing architectural services, especially in sustainable, human-centred, and pet-friendly designs.

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