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Every dog is special and has unique qualities and personalities. But when it comes to dog breeds, the dogs from the same breed share the same looks and needs. Therefore, companies like Royal Canin were able to create dog food for each breed that will meet every breed’s needs.

Dogs are special creatures, and each breed needs a certain amount of protein and vitamins. There’s no such thing as one food to fit them all when it comes to breeds.

Therefore, in today’s post, we’re presenting the Royal Canin nutrition based on breeds, to make sure your dog lives a long and healthy life.

1. Golden Retriever Adult Dry Dog Food

  • Golden Retriever Adult Dry Food is by far the best choice for this breed for several reasons:
  • The food is specifically shaped for the Golden Retriever’s bite and to encourage chewing.
  • The essential nutrients from the food’s composition promote healthy skin and a shiny coat.
  • Taurine, DHA, and EPA are ensuring a healthier heart and cardiac function.
  • The food is specially designed to provide the perfect amount of protein and energy for a Golden Retriever, which also provides weight control.

2. Labrador Retriever Adult Dry Dog Food

  • Labrador Retriever Adult Dry Food is created exclusively for a Labrador’s needs. The kibble has a donut shape to promote fast eaters like Labradors slow down and chew their food.
  • As well, this food, if given properly, is all you need to make sure you keep your Lab’s weight in check. Labradors are a big breed, so the glucosamine, DHA, and EPA ingredients will keep your Labs’ body strong and his bones and joints healthy.

3. German Shepherd Adult Dry Food

  • Royal Canin’s German Shepherd Adult Dry Food provides the perfect nutrition for your pure breed friend. German Shepherd is an extremely loyal, protective, and intelligent dogs with a beautiful double-layered coat.
  • Royal Canin’s food for German Shepherd is created specifically to promote chewing and not swallowing, weight control, digestive, joint, and bone health, and to maintain their coat healthy and beautiful.

4. French Bulldog Adult Dry Food

  • French Bulldogs are the cute miniature of Bulldogs, and Royal Canin has the perfect food recipe to ensure them a perfect diet. According to one of the best paper writing service company, Royal Canin’s French Bulldog Adult Food kibbles are shaped perfectly for this breed so they can pick up and chew the food easy.
  • As well, this food has the exact amount of protein a French Bulldog needs to support muscle tone, and the essential nutrients are promoting healthier wrinkles and skin.

5. Bulldog Adult Dry Food

  • ROYAL-CANIN-HAIR-SKIN-CAT-FOOD-7LBBulldogs are adorable with their wrinkled, squishy face and stocky, short bodies; but they will definitively fill your house with love – and smells. Bulldogs generally have digestion issues which cause them stinky gasses.
  • The best remedy for this problem stays in their diet, and Royal Canin’s Bulldog Adult Dry Food has the perfect recipe for the Bulldog’s needs. As well, the essential nutrients are ensuring that Bulldog’s skin and wrinkles are always healthy.

6. Boxer Adult Dry Food

  • Boxers are one of the most energy and playful breeds, and Royal Canin has the perfect recipe to ensure the precise amount of protein for their energy while keeping their weight in check.
  • The kibbles are perfectly shaped for Boxer’s muzzles, and the essential nutrients from the food are making sure that Boxer’s heart will stay healthy.

7. Setter Adult Dry Food

  • Setter’s are well-known for their amazingly beautiful coats and for their increased energy levels. To meet their special breed needs, Royal Canin created the perfect recipe for Setters.
  • The kibbles are perfectly designed to make eating easier for Setters and to promote chewing. The foods meet perfectly their protein needs to keep up with their energy levels, and the fish oil from the food is all he needs to maintain his coat long and beautiful.

8. Dalmatian Adult Dry Food

  • ROYAL-CANIN-ADULT-JACK-RUSSELL-TERRIER-DOG-FOOD-10LBDalmatians are a special breed, and therefore, they have special needs that Royal Canin succeeded to meet. The Dalmatian Adult Dry Food recipe was carefully created with selected proteins and low purine content because Dalmatian’s nutrition plays a very important role for his skin health.
  • According to RushMyEssay, Royal Canin’s recipe for Dalmatians contains some specific nutrients that ensure a healthy heart for any Dalmatian.

9. Cocker Spaniel Adult Dry Food

  • Cocker Spaniel is a beautiful breed with a wonderful coat, but keeping their weight in check and their fur healthy requires proper nutrition. That’s why Royal Canin created the perfect formula to meet Cocker Spaniel’s needs.
  • Cocker Spaniel Adult Dry Food has perfectly shaped kibbles to make the eating process easy and to promote chewing. The recipe was wisely created for weight control and to ensure that his heart and coat will stay healthy.

10. Beagle Adult Dry Food

  • ROYAL-CANIN-ADULT-DACHSHUND-DOG-FOOD-2-5LBRoyal Canin figured out the needs of a Beagle, so they created the perfect recipe that will help this breed maintain an ideal weight. As well, beagles seem to always be hungry, so they created a special fiber mix to feel fuller.
  • The kibbles are designed to slow down the eating process and actually chew the food.

11. Dachshund Adult Dry Food

  • Dachshund is a playful breed and extremely cute with their long bodies and short legs. Because of their shape, they can gain weight easier. That’s why Royal Canin create the perfect recipe to keep their weight in check and.
  • As well, they ensure complete nutrition to support their muscles tone and to maintain their bone and joint health.

12. Poodle Adult Dry Food

  • Royal Canin Poodle Adult Dry Food has costumed kibbles for a Poodle’s straight jaw to make picking up the food and chewing easier.
  • According to one of the best paper writing service company, Royal Canin’s recipe for poodles is perfectly designed to maintain the Poodle’s fur growth and health. As well, it helps maintain the Poodle’s big building and muscle tone.

13. Cavalier King Charles Adult Dry Food

  • ROYAL-CANIN-ADULT-JACK-RUSSELL-TERRIER-DOG-FOOD-3LBCavalier King Charles is the perfect breed for any royal family – the name says it all. But, as any royalty, it has special needs that must be met to ensure a long and healthy life for this breed.
  • Royal Canin created the perfect formula to keep their cardiac function healthy at all times, to maintain a healthy weight, and to make the eating process easier.

14. Bichon Frise Adult Dry Food

  • ROYAL-CANIN-ADULT-DALMATIAN-DOG-FOOD-30LBBichons are maybe the most lovable breed with their curly white coats and little black eyes. Usually, they are a playful and intelligent breed that needs proper nutrition to stay healthy and keep their coat soft.
  • That’s why Royal Canin created the perfect recipe to ensure that Bichons will receive the perfect nutrition that will take care of their digestion, skin, and coat.

15. Pug Adult Dry Food

  • Pugs are one of the most adorable breeds ever – wrinkled face, curly tail – that can either sleep or play all day. Undoubtedly, Pugs are a special breed, and therefore they have their special needs which are perfectly met by Royal Canin nutrition.
  • They created kibbles that are designed to be picked up easy by Pugs and to promote chewing. The nutrients are wisely chosen to keep Pug’s wrinkles and skin healthy, and the recipe has the exact amount of protein Pugs need.

16. Yorkshire Terrier Adult Dry Food

  • Yorkshire Terrier is a breed with personality and with one of the most glossy and beautiful coats. That’s why their food must have some specific ingredients to ensure lasting health for Yorkshire’s skin and coat.
  • And that’s exactly what Royal Canin created the perfect food for any breed. Yorkshire According to Rushmyessay, Yorkshire Terrier Adult Dry Food is also the perfect choice for healthy aging andthe kibbles are shaped perfectly for their small bite and muzzle.

17. Shih Tzu Adult Dry Food

  • Royal Canin’s food formula for Shih Tzu has all the necessary ingredients; providing long healthy life, skin and coat, and balanced nutrition to help maintain an ideal weight.
  • The omega 3 and 6 fatty acids from the food will ensure that a Shih Tzu’s coat will stay not only healthy but also long, soft, and shiny. The kibbles are designed perfectly for the Shih Tzu’s under bite.

18. Chihuahua Adult Dry Food

  • Chihuahua is probably the smallest breed in the world and yet is also one of the most protective and courageous breeds as well. Despite their size, Chihuahua’s nutritional needs are quite big, so Royal Canin created the perfect recipe that will ensure healthy skin & coat.
  • Moreover, this food will reduce Chihuahua’s stool odor because of the protein with high digestibility from the food and very precise fiber content. The eating process will be very easy thanks to the kibble’s smart design.


Our beloved furry friends deserve the best food they can get to live a good, healthy life. But there are plenty of dog foods for any breed; which are more accessible, but they won’t meet all the breeds needs.

A Shih Tzu will never need the same amount of proteins and vitamins as a boxer needs; making Royal Canin’s breed cased food the best choice to ensure a healthy diet for your pure breed friend.

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