Eye Care For Dogs And Cats

Taking care of a pet requires plenty of things: paying attention to their exercise needs, social needs, nutritional requirements, brushing and grooming requirements, and so on. However, just like you wash your face early in the morning, pets need a way to clean themselves too. Sometimes they can take care of it alone (especially cats and some dogs that love keeping themselves clean such as Basenjis, but sometimes they might need our hand. 

Although it rarely crosses our minds that our pets need proper and regular eye care because taking care of our own eyes is usually not big work. You wash your face, rinse it well with water, and that would probably be it. Some of us might use eye drops, but it’s not something that is regularly used among people. 

On the other hand, the situation is a bit different for our feline and canine companions. Because of their coat surrounding their eyes and the different structure of their eyes, they are much more prone to eye infections than we are. What happens is that coat around their eyes can collect debris and dust, leading to an eye infection when not properly and regularly cleaned. 

Therefore, paying attention to your dog or cat’s eyes is quite a wise thing to do, since it can prevent plenty of eye diseases. For instance, cherry eyes, corneal ulcers, distichiasis, cataracts or dry eyes are some of the most common eye issues in dogs. Some dogs like pugs might be more prone to developing eye problems because their cute eyes are quite big for their small heads. 

On the other hand, eye infections are quite common in newborn cats. It is easy to recognize an eye infection in a kitten due to the visible discharge, redness of the eye and swollen eyelids. In those cases, it might be of crucial help to ensure you always have correct products in your home in order to help your cat overcome the eye issue. 

Not only, but knowing how your pet’s eyes should and shouldn’t look can tell you a lot about how your pet actually feels. Just like our eyes change when we’re sick, the same happens to our pets too. So if you see watery eyes in your cat all of the sudden, chances are something else might be causing it. 

Whatever it is, it might be wise to have these items with you in order to make sure your pet can still have those healthy and adorable puppy eyes that manage to melt your heart every time. 

1. Eye Wash Pads

The first and foremost item all pet owners should own is the sterile eyewash pads. If you own a poodle or a Bichon Frise, you surely know that their eyes need regular care. The same stands for certain cat breeds such as Himalayans and Persians. These breeds can often have a condition called Epiphora, which is basically a condition in which tears are excessively produced. 

Epiphora leads to the creation of tear stains that need to be regularly removed and cleaned in order to ensure optimal health to your pet. Therefore, buying easy-to-use eye wash pads will surely be a great way to prevent any further eye irritation or issue from occurring. 

2. Eye Lubricant

Pets like to play, and sometimes their game can get a little bit rougher. Sometimes it ends with no harm, but sometimes it can end in a benign injury. There are thousands of innocent and unpredictable ways your dog or cat could accidentally hurt their eyes. 

PURALUBE-VET-OINTMENT-10-5-GMIt might be just a small scratch, or nothing particularly dangerous, but the healing process will be much better if you have an eye lubricant. Applying it gently by pulling down the lower lid of the affected eye will prevent further irritation, relieve the dryness of the eye, and ensure the eye heals timely. 

3. Artificial Tear Lubricant

There are some specifically designed tear lubricants that are created to provide overnight relief of severe dry eyes. You can try different types of lubricants that will keep your pet’s eyes damp and enable a smoother healing process. 

If you spent a long day on a sandy beach with your dog, or there might have been a strong wind that your cat caught on the terrace, it might be wise to apply some artificial lubricant to their eyes in order to prevent irritation that might be caused by small particles found in the air. 

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