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As most of us would like to think that the food that we give to our best furry best friends are all good and created equal. However, with the wide array of options, that all say they are the “best dog food on the market.” In this article, we will explain the best healthy, affordable, and appealing to your pet. This post was created by Finn Mclaren who is an avid pet and tech lover, and also runs his own site “Gaming Geek Innovation” where he and his team talk all-new lastest gaming and tech”

What Makes A Dogs Food Good

The majority of dog food is weather kibble or wet food. And while some of this processed food may not appeal to some pet owners. Although these, nutrients that are contained are what is need to help your dog stay healthy. Was most pet food go through regulated and have undergone rigorous testing by veterinary specialists.

While meat makes up a cat and dogs diet though they still can derive nutrients from grains, fruits, and vegetables. And these non-meat food’s can provide a valuable source of essential vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Thus for a property diet for your pet should contain meat, vegetables, grains, and fruits. To deliver high-quality ingredients that are appropriate for your dog’s digestive system.

Pet Nutrition

Thus the best food for your pet canine should meet all your nutritional value needs. And not only to look at the commercial dog food brands as it’s important to remember that not every dog has the same nutritional needs. Also, dogs need a wide range of various amounts and different types of nutrients throughout there lives. As their food supply will be different from the stage of puppy to their adult stage. Thus we would suggest taking a look at the “all life stages” food to your young dog.

Also when deciding on the proper food that you would like to give, to your pet, it’s imperative that you check your sources, as there is a great deal of misinformation about proper nutrition and proper dog food on the internet. Thus we would suggest always to check your sources and makes sure that they are backed up with credible sources.

Also, if your pet has any grain allergy, then you should use alt to a grain-free diet, with whole grains being a good source of beneficial nutrients. Thus to choose these wholesome foods, it’s imperative that you are aware of reading the labels. And sometime these labels may be difficult to read with having awkward printing and shaped handling bags. But here are the things that are the most important pieces.

  1. Product name
  2. Net weight of the product
  3. Name and address of the manufacturer
  4. Guaranteed analysis
  5. List of ingredients
  6. Intended animal species
  7. Statement of nutritional adequacy
  8. Feeding guidelines

Item Name

As for the item names also known as the product name, as this explains the consistency of the product. Supposed the term says “beef” meaning that beef must make up at least 70 percent of the entire product. Also, there are other terms within the present market, such as “beef dinner,” “beef entrée,” or “beef platter.” These terms only consist of only 10 percent of the entire product. And with others that contain the term “With beef” only requires that 3 percent of the total product be beef, and “beef flavor” simply implies that there is enough beef in the product to flavor it (less than 3 percent).

Inside Ingredients

Unfortunately, some manufacturers when listing the ingredients may not tell you the quality of the ingredients or where they came from. An example of this, includes the various different types of corn, such as flaked corn, ground corn, or kibbled corn, can be listed separately. As this may lessen the ingredient of corn, although the actual content of corn in the food is high.

Additionally, another tricky item is meat as whole meat can contain a large amount of water, that affects the overall percentage of meat after processing is lower than it appears. Though its to be mentioned that meat meal. Actually contains a larger amount of “whole meats,” as there is no water weight to throw off the calculation.

Furthermore, as the ingredients listed within the product label may not explain the full story of quality that is within the food. It still important for your pet special dietary needs or allergies and is also useful for owners who wish to feed their dogs specific sources of fiber, protein, and carbohydrates.

Balanced Meal For Your Pet

Also, one of the first thing that you should look for within the label, is the “complete and balanced” stamp. As this is more than simply a advertising statement. But has been passed by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) has strict requirements to make sure that a product is indeed complete and balanced. For these, “complete and balanced” diets need to have the minimum nutrients necessary for dogs. And that has to comes with a guaranteed analysis.

For this analysis, the food must contain a small amount of crude protein along with fat and then contained a maximum amount of water and crude fiber. But unfortunately, the analysis does not provide an exact match amount of these components. Meaning there are variations among these components.

Best Food For Small & Large Breeds

It’s no question that smaller and larger dogs need different nutritional needs. With greater size breeds being more prone to musculoskeletal problems, as for smaller breeds they require nutritional food that has higher balances of certain nutrients to promote musculoskeletal health, especially as puppies. Note, that small breeds can also choke on large kibbles that large dog breeds need for their own nutritional requirements.

Dogs With Special Dietary Needs

If your dog happens to have Allergies, sensitive stomachs, and dietary restrictions. As feeding a dog with special dietary needs can be tricky. We would suggest the best course is to consult with your doctor for advice and to help with your dogs’ condition.

Best Wet Dog Food

These “wet foods” or “canned dog food” are a great alternative to dry dog food. These do tend to be more on the high end. As wet food is more palatable than alternative dry food and helps with the stimulation of the dog’s appetite to soothe those more picky eaters. Although the wet dog does relatively contain virtually the same ingredients as dry dog food. Though not within the same amount of quantity, as wet food does contain higher amounts of fresh meat, poultry, fish, and animal byproducts, along with more textured proteins derived from grains. Now onto canned dog food, these do have a longer food shelf life, and once it is open, it must be kept refrigerated.

Thus when choosing for the best-wet food for your dog, just as with dry dog food, depends on your dog’s life stage, breed, and any special dietary needs or allergies.

Best Dry Dog Food

With being the most popular and best priced among owners, dry food is also a great choice. As dry dog food does not require any refrigeration, being the main advantage it has over wet dog food. As it contains a 90 to 10 percent dry to water matter. Thus making it great for easy storage, and the way this is created is by combing and cooking these ingredients such as meat and other grains. And then made into starch in the food into an easily digested form, while also destroying toxins and flash sterilizing the ingredients.

Of course, there are different varieties of dry dog, and as previously stated, the best dry food greatly depends on your pets dietary needs. Though a higher quality dry dog food that contains the appropriate ingredients for your dog’s life stage and breed is the best choice.


Thus choosing what’s right for your dog, ultimately depends on you as an owner being as you have spent the most time with your pet. So If your dog produces solid, healthy stool, is active and fit, and has a healthy appetite, then your dog food is probably working just fine. And also your veterinary doctor is a great resource during this process, They know more about pet nutrition than the average owner, and they also have access to research and resources that owners do not have. And be careful, of overfeeding as these may bring the unwanted health-related issue for your pet as they grow, Here a post on a tool that can help prevent this “Slow Feeder Bowl.”

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