Super Foods: The Missing Link Pet formula.

When looking for the Superfood supplements for your pets, you should count on The Missing Link pet formula that offers great health benefits to your dog. From an expert point of view, your pets deserve a healthy and happy life as intended by nature. The Missing Link provides a superfood solution as well as healthy ingredients for pets to assist in filling the nutritional void left by the various commercial Super dog food.

1. Original Natural Superfood

The Missing Link (Skin and Coat)

This supplement will boost the general coat and skin, soothe the irritated or dry skin and assist with shedding. What you will have to do is to put a spoonful of 6 fatty acids and Omega 3 into the dog’s food to accrue the health benefits.

The Original natural Superfood supplement features a precise formulation of omega fatty acids, flax with other superfoods to enable your fur buddy to reap the best benefits of nutrition.

In regards to your dog’s weight, add the recommended amount of the supplement to your dog’s food. Moreover, this supplement is ideal for all breeds of dogs. Furthermore, this supplement has no artificial colors, preservatives, GMOs, or flavors in the ingredients. This cold processed product has all the crucial nutrients that your pet’s kibble is lacking via sourcing or the process of cooking. The cold processing technique requires zero preservatives and ensures all active ingredients remain intact to improve effectiveness.

It is important to note that this supplement additionally has a lot of healthy coat and skin superfoods such as kelp and flaxseed (Fresh ground). It also features phytonutrients and dietary fiber for supporting digestion and general health. You will harness high levels of minerals, antioxidants, fibers, and vitamins when using this product.


  • Treats your pet’s itchy skin
  • Affordable and effective
  • Zero GMO pure natural Superfood supplement


  • May have an upsetting smell

2. Original Senior Dog

The Missing Link( Comfort, Hips, and Joints)

This supplement is designed for senior dog use. It features an exclusive mixture of probiotics, glucosamine, mussels, phytonutrients as well as fatty acids from the Omega 6 and 3 for supporting the health of the older dogs.

Through the cold processing method, which needs zero preservatives, this supplement has the important nutrients that are usually lost through the process of cooking or sourcing. It only consists of the beneficial stuff with null artificial flavors or colors, GMOs or preservatives.

Furthermore, this powder is powerful. It has an abundance of bone and joint health balanced omega 6 and three fatty acids and supporting glucosamine. It also consists of phytonutrients and the dietary fiber for supporting digestion and improving general health.

Show love to your elderly fur companion since they require the nutrition to live happily with sound health, especially during their old age. This superfood supplement made in America offers your dog general digestive health, joint support as well as pain relief necessary for the pet to live a better and happier life.

This Superfood formula will also provide the comfort that your pet needs by treating itchiness. It will also improve the softness and silkiness of the pet’s fur. Itching of pets is the leading reason for pet visits, and you can minimize such visits with this useful and cheap cure.


  • Delivers comfort
  • All its ingredients are natural and non-GMO
  • Supports the dog’s digestion


  • Could be lacking on vitamins

3. Original Well-Blend Coat and Skin

The Missing Link

This product is ideal for pets that have allergies to proteins from animals. Moreover, this cold-processed item has all the important nutrients for your pet, which could be lacking through the process of cooking.

It is processed in America and has zero artificial flavors or colors, GMOs or preservatives, which makes the perfect wholefood nutrition in the market. Additionally, it features balanced Omega 6 and 3 fatty acids, probiotics and dietary fiber for supporting coat and skin health, immune and digestive systems, improves the levels of energy, boosts tendon and muscle function and assists with inflammations.

The supplement also has small amounts of garlic, which is not poisonous to your dog. Garlic is rich in amino acids, zinc, sulfur, phosphorous, and potassium, which boost the health of your dog. Its characteristic pungent energy will warm your pet’s body. Garlic in this product will broaden blood vessels and acts as a hindrance to blood clot formation.

This supplement is ideal for both cats and dogs, and if you want to minimize visits to the vet, then get this product. Your cats and dogs will love it since it has good taste. If your cat only eats and sleeps, adding this product to his food will improve his activeness and energy level.


  • All the ingredients are natural and nutritious
  • It will boost the pet’s digestion and immune mechanism
  • Suitable for both cats and dogs


  • Some dog breeds may be allergic to it

4. Kelp Formula

The Missing Link

This product comprises of powerful organic ingredients with excellent efficacy, safety as well as purity. This fact ensures you are feeding your pet with most wholesome nutrition. It also has iron, amino acids, and iodine, which are crucial for your dog, offers your dog vital minerals, vitamins, and micro-nutrients required for the pet to thrive.

With an everyday spoonful of the beneficial bacteria to the digestive tract of the pup, this item will support a strong immune system and help in digestion. Additionally, every spoon of this product merges organic kelp, flaxseed, and organic superfoods to add antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids to the pet’s bowl.

The antioxidants and Omega fatty acids undergo careful formulation from blueberries and flax to offer your fur friend ideal benefits of nutrition. Although the Kelp Formula has the probiotic label, it also assists with dry coat or skin as well as skin allergies is, thanks to the kelp and flaxseed which perform miracles on the coat or skin.
This product undergoes cold-processing, which requires zero preservatives. This process will ensure all active ingredients remain intact, thus improving efficacy.


  • Assists with skin allergies
  • It is the best quality with consistent results
  • Cures flaky, itchy skin


  • Might to lead to stomach pains in dogs

5. Original Feline Formula

The Missing Link

This is a strong powder with balanced Omega 6 and 3 fatty acids, phytonutrients and dietary fiber for supporting coat and skin health, immune and digestive mechanism, boost overall health and assists with inflammation.

Additionally, the Original Feline Formula is non-GMO, and through cold processing, you will add beneficial nutrients to your cat’s wet food or kibble, which could be lacking through the cooking process and sourcing. Put a spoonful of Omega 6 and 3 fatty acids daily in the food of your cat to assist with shedding, minimize itchiness, soothing irritated or dry skin and improve the coat and skin.

You will be getting all the good stuff with this product. It has zero artificial flavors and colors, GMOs or preservatives in its ingredient panel. The product is also nutritious and tasty. Therefore, even the pickiest and discerning cats will love this product.

This item also has the right amount of garlic, which offers great benefits to your cats, such as preventing fleas and heart disease. Moreover, the supplement will boost your cat’s level of energy and thus making it more active. In case your cat has joint or hip problems, then this product is the ideal remedy. The cat’s fur will be more soft and silk with this item.


  • Supports coat and skin health
  • Helps with inflammation
  • Boosts the immune and digestive system


  • Some breeds may be allergic to this product

6. Dental Chew

The Missing Link

This product is currently available in dental chew which is perfect for your pet’s joints, hips as well as teeth, thanks to the balanced Omega 3, 6 and 9 and glucosamine present in the supplement.

This superfood supplement is perfect for both large and small dogs. The Stay-CTM (Vitamin C patented form) and ridges meet or exceed superfood nutrition. This feature helps in controlling plaque and boosting the health of gums from inside out.

This delicious and simple-to chew was created to not only support joint and muscle mobility but also to boost the pet’s energy levels, digestive and immune system, and a lot more. Just like other products of The Missing Link it is created in the USA and has no artificial flavors, colors, GMOs or preservatives; therefore, it will cause no harm to your fur friend.

It is no secret that pets improve our lives. Due to this, this Once Daily supplement is made from effective and natural ingredients to assist your dog in having a healthier, and happier lifestyle.


  • Cleans teeth
  • Supports joint and muscle mobility
  • Fun and simple to feed


  • May have a strong garlic smell


The above superfood supplements of The Missing Link will bridge the gap of nutrition between commercial pet foods and natural diets. This feature will help your pets have a better and happier life that they deserve. You should get these items if you want to return the love that your pets give you.

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