small dog maltese sitting in the suitcase or bag wearing sunglasses and waiting for a trip

A Guide to Flying with Your Pet

small dog maltese sitting in the suitcase or bag wearing sunglasses and waiting for a trip

It has become a common sight to see someone seated with their pet in the airport departure lounge, but the concept of traveling with a pet is still new to many people. If you happen to be new to the idea of traveling with your pet, there are some things that you’ll need to do to ensure that the journey is a safe and stress-free for both yourself and your pet.

Preparing for your journey is incredibly important, so remember to do your homework. Is your pet eligible to fly? Age, size, health, and breed are big factors to this. If your pet is staying in the cargo hold, is the temperature safe for them? A good tip is to call the airline beforehand to make sure your pet can fly, and fly safely before purchasing your tickets.

Remember, most animal health experts agree that animals are usually better off staying at home with a care-giver, or in a boarding kennel during short family holidays. If your pet is flying with you, check out the infographic below for more information on what to expect on your travel day including: pet travel safety, restrictions to travel, flying with service and support animals, and do’s and don’ts for pets traveling in cargo.

travel with pets infographic

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  1. Barbara Wilkins
    Barbara Wilkins says:

    The info graphic is incorrect about documentation for a service dog. First, the “United States Service Dog Registry” is a sham. It is not associated with the US Government in any way, and instead sells “Registration ” to anyone who wants to pay for it. Second, not all service dogs come with documentation. In fact the ADA states they do not have to.


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