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Dogs of all ages, breeds, shapes, and sizes have a need to chew. They explore the world around them with their mouths, just like we explore ours with our hands. This is why every dog should always have a chew toy to fulfill this need instead of chewing other items you have in your home.

When this natural behavior of dogs is not satisfied, behavior problems in canines can be seen. You might find that your dog started to chew on your furniture, shoes or other objects of your household that he found to be appropriate. Therefore, the best way to avoid destructive behavior in your four-legged friend is to make sure he always has a chew toy around that will keep him busy for a while and calm his chewing needs afterward.

But, this chewing need isn’t all about satisfying their need to chew on things, but it also has a wider range of benefits for canines too. Let’s check what the benefits of chewing or why you should buy your dog a chew toy/ chew edible are.

Benefits Of Nylabones

Nylabones, or chew toys will:

  • Provide your dog with additional mental stimulation.
  • Keep your dog busy while you’re away/ not available for playing
  • Keep your dog away from forming a biting habit
  • Keep your dog’s teeth cleaner and maintain his oral health
  • Control your dog’s destructive chewing
    Exercise and strengthen your dog’s jaw muscles
  • Help with managing weight in overweight dogs
  • Help with rewarding your dog during training process
  • Help relieve teething pain in puppies

How Should You Choose A Perfect Chew Toy For Your Dog?

So you surely realized chewing is an important part of your dog’s life, but simply buying the first chew toy you stumble upon won’t be enough. In fact, it is very important to consider several factors to find a suitable chew toy for your pup. Giving the wrong kind of chew toy to your pup might result in choking or might also be too hard for your dog’s jaws or teeth.

To find the best one for you, you should consider these things:

Your Dog’s Size

A small dog and a giant dog shouldn’t have the same chew toy. This is because a large dog might swallow a small chew toy that is dedicated for toy breeds, while small sized dogs might hurt their jaws or mouth with a chew toy that is way too big for them.

Therefore, each dog should have a chew toy that will fit his size.

 black dog in a park amongst autumn leaves. leaf fall

Your Dog’s Age

Puppies chew more frequently because of teething. When they chew, they stimulate their gums and teeth which relieves them from pain and discomfort. Therefore, the chew toys/ chew edibles for puppies are not the same as the ones for adult dogs.

Intensity and Frequency Of Chewing

Choosing the right chew toy depends on the frequency and intensity of your dog’s chewing. These will determine the material and durability of the chew toy and make sure your dog’s specific chewing requirements are met. Available materials include rubber, dense nylon, plush fabrics, and real wood composites.

Not all dogs of the same breed will have an equal need to chew. Some might chew more intensely while others might be moderate chewers that wouldn’t need chew toys of durable materials as the first ones.

However, you might need to test out a couple of toys before finally determining your dog’s preferred and most convenient chew toy.

Activity / Entertainment Needs

If your dog is a rather calm dog that finds it easy to keep himself busy, a simple chew knot bone would due. But if you have a hyperactive dog that always needs an extra mental stimulation to be satisfied, then you might have to look for some interactive chew toys that he could do more things with.

If you’re still wondering which is the best Nylabone for your pup, we’ll make it easier for you. To spare you some time, we researched the topic and picked a perfect Nylabone for each dog size.

Best Nylabone For Puppies

-Healthy Edibles Puppy Chew Treats, Lamb & Apple-

These chew edibles are a perfect way to relieve your pup from teething discomfort and provide them with DHA and omega-3 fatty acids that will support your puppy’s brain and eye health.

These Lamb & Apple Chew Treats are completely natural and have no artificial preservatives, colors or flavors added.

Toy Breeds – Up to 15 lbs

-Moderate Chew Bacon Zen Bone-

Most toy breed adult dogs aren’t strong chewers. Therefore, we found the FlexiChew Zen Bone to be the perfect one for these new small pups. They will provide them with a soothing and gentle chewing experience.

Not only, but the bacon flavor of this chew toy will make it especially interesting to your toy dog while maintaining your dog’s teeth clean.

Small Sized Dogs – Up to 25 lbs

-Nylabone Busy-Time Stuffable Dog Chew Toy-

NYLABONE-PUPPY-RING-TEETHING-CHICKEN-PETITE-SMALLSmall sized dogs often need additional physical and mental stimulation because their activity needs are often overseen. They might end up being pent up with energy, which can result in a higher need to play when indoors. This is why this stuffable chew toy is our best choice for pups that weight up to 25 lbs.

Fill this toy with your dog’s favorite treat recipe (such as peanut butter, bananas, pumpkin and so on), freeze it for a couple of hours and watch your pup enjoy some long-lasting entertainment. The toy also bounces and rolls which will make it additionally enjoying for your beloved dog.

Medium Sized Dogs – Up to 35 lbs

-Power Chew Antler Alternative Chew Toy-

Medium sized dogs will definitely need a more durable chew toy than their smaller canine cousins because they put much more power in their chewing. This splinter-free DuraChew is a much cleaner and safer alternative to real antlers.

It will additionally stimulate your dog with its great Venison flavor.

Large Dogs – Up to 50 lbs

-Power Chew Barbell Chew Toy, Peanut Butter-

As you probably realized, a large dog will definitely need a tougher chew toy than dogs of smaller sizes. Being powerful chewers, large dogs will be happiest with a long-lasting chew toy made of durable nylon.

Also, this nylabone will take care of your dog’s oral health and help control plaque and tartar buildup. The peanut butter flavor will make your dog go crazy for it!

Giant Dogs – Over 50 lbs

-Power Chew Big Chew Knot Bone-

If you have a giant-sized dog, you can’t go wrong with buying the Power Chew Knot Bone. It is a chew toy that is so durable that it may even last for years ( jokes apart, change your dog’s Nylabone when it wears off). Having this large chew bone of a tasty chicken flavor will help control your dog’s destructive chewing habits, and help maintain your dog’s teeth clean.

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