Improving Your Dog’s Mobility with Soft Chews

Aging is a natural process that no creature on Earth is immune to, your dog included. On average, dogs live between 10 and 15 years; but health problems that come with aging may affect them sooner than expected. Depending on their nutrition, level of exercise, and breed; certain dogs can develop issues with their hips and legs sooner than expected.

If your dog is having difficulties getting up or walking longer distances, it may not mean that he or she has reached old age. It may mean that your furry pal is suffering from some kind of chronic issues like arthritis. The symptoms of these conditions can appear while your dog is still in his prime; at the age of four or five. In the beginning, these symptoms won’t show too much. But, as the years go by, they are guaranteed to become more severe.

Why arthritis and similar problems happen in dogs is that their immune system attacks the tissue in their joints. The result is that their cartilage gets more fragile, losing its mass along the way. And when cartilage becomes thinner, the joints end up rubbing against one another, causing serious pain to the dog. Obviously, if your pup is feeling pain, he won’t find it easy to walk, jump, and run as he did in the past.

The good news is that surgery and medication therapies can sort out this problem, although not completely. Some steroids can reduce the inflammation of the joins, making the pain go away. However, these types of treatments can harm other organs of your pup, which is why they’re often used as a last resort.

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By far, the best way of dealing with arthritis and other conditions that impair a dog’s movement is prevention. There are many supplements on the market that come in the form of soft chews that you can give to your dog to make sure he’ll stay mobile till he reaches a really old age.

Soft Chews That Can Improve Your Dog’s Mobility

Why should soft chews be your choice for your dog’s supplementation? Because they’re tasty and, as their name suggests, easy to chew. By giving your pup supplements in this form, you will ensure he will actually eat them.

The question is, what kind of soft chews you should get for your four-legged friend? Well, here are some suggestions.

Omega 3s

Some substances have anti-inflammatory properties, therefore, can slow down the arthritis process. One of the most active substances there are is Omega 3. This is a type of fatty acids that have all sorts of benefits on the body, both the body of a human and the body of a dog.

Giving him Omega 3 soft chews can significantly slow down the arthritis process, while also improving your dog’s general health. This family of fatty acids is proven to strengthen the heart muscle, improves brain function, and even makes the dog’s coat healthier and shinier.

The best thing is that you can find all kinds of Omega 3 supplements on the market, extracted from different sources. Which one to pick? Well, all of them work very well, but if you want the best one, our advice is to focus on those supplements made from phytoplankton.


The phytoplankton is a primary source of food of many marine animals. One of the reasons why such large creatures like blue whales use these organisms as their main food is that it’s packed with nutritive substances. For instance, phytoplankton contains a larger amount of Omega 3s per pound than any other food source on Earth.

Another great thing about phytoplankton supplements is that they’re considered to be extremely pure. The reason why this is the case is that these organisms live in oceans, far away from any kind of pollution. Some supplements use phytoplankton sourced from man-made lakes, but if you can choose, better stay with good marine ones.

Green-lipped Mussel

Another sea creature that is a fantastic source of motion-promoting nutrients is the green-lipped mussel. This shellfish lives in the season near New Zealand, so getting ahold of it can be pretty challenging.

The good news is that many pet supplements on the market use green-lipped mussel as a source of Omega 3s and other substances beneficial for your dog’s bones, muscles, and joints.

Fish Oil

Seafood is definitely the best source of nutrients your dog needs to improve his movement. Apart from phytoplankton and green-lipped mussels, oily fish also contains all your pup needs to start walking pain-free once again.

But, rather than feeding him fish only, you can use fish oil to supplement his diet with much-needed Omega 3s. Apart from containing a large amount of this fatty acid, fish oil comes with many other beneficial types of fat, which can improve your dog’s cardiovascular health.

Glucosamine for Dogs

Omega 3s and other fatty acids can reduce the inflammation that’s caused by joints rubbing one against the other. However, they can’t help much when it comes to rebuilding the degraded cartilage. The good news is that there is a substance that does wonders when cartilage recovery is concerned. We’re talking about glucosamine.

Not only it promotes cartilage regrowth, but glucosamine also has anti-inflammatory properties. This substance might not be as effective in dealing with joint inflammation as Omega 3s, but it can definitely help out.

And the best thing about glucosamine is that it has almost zero side-effects, especially when it comes in the form of soft chews. Your dog will not have any stomach problems if you decide to supplement his diet with glucosamine this way.

MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane)

DASUQUIN-SOFT-CHEWS-FOR-LARGE-DOGS-WITH-MSM-84-CHEWSMSM stands for Methylsulfonylmethane, a molecule that’s rich in organic Sulphur. If you’re not familiar with this substance, you should know that Sulphur atoms act like building blocks for bones. Basically, this substance helps your dog rebuild damaged joints.

This supplement might not be too effective when taken on its own, but reports are suggesting that MSM does wonders for joint health when combined with other movement-promoting substances such as glucosamine and/or Omega 3s.

Calcium Supplements

Most dog owners feed their pups a diet that’s based on meat. The problem is that meat is not rich in calcium. Actually, the amount of this mineral found in meat is very, very low. And your dog needs calcium for healthy bones and joints.

You may think that feeding him bones would solve the problem, but the problem is that they’re not easy to digest. The best way to ensure your pup gets enough of this mineral is by supplementing his diet with calcium pills.


Although a dog’s skeleton is made of minerals such as calcium, to repair damaged bones and joints, your pup needs much more than that. Some vitamins boost the repair of the bone structure, so if his diet is lacking those substances, his recovery won’t be as speedy as you would like.

Luckily, solving the vitamin deficiency problem in dogs is pretty easy. All you got to do is buy him some multi-vitamin soft chews. Apart from aiding to the recovery regarding his movement, multi-vitamin supplements will do well for his entire body, boosting his immune system, improving his coronary health, and so on.

Other Beneficial Movement-Promoting Methods

An important thing to remember when it comes to dog health is that it depends heavily on a diet. The kind of food you feed him daily can have a major impact on whether he’ll develop certain conditions later on in his life.

However, the problem is that not every diet plan might be suitable for your dog. It all depends on his size, his breed, and most importantly, his age. Small puppies and young dogs need more calories than older ones.

At the same time, older dogs are in need of certain nutrients more than young ones. That said, you need to tailor your pup’s diet according to his age. Doing this shouldn’t be a problem because most dog food brands have products specially designed for puppies, young active dogs, and senior dogs. So, you just have to choose accordingly.

Dog Getting TreatAnother way of ensuring your pup stays mobile for as long as possible is to provide him with enough exercise. Dogs that sit around all day are more prone to muscle and joint problems as they get older. But, not only that, dogs that don’t get enough exercise on a regular basis also often suffer from hearth and brain problems.

Taking your furry friend for a walk should be a routine for you and him from an early age. But, what are you supposed to do if he’s already struggling with movement? You can’t force him into going for long walks. Well, pet product manufacturers have found a way to tackle this problem by making harnesses designed for dogs that have problems walking. Just buy the best mobility pet harness for your four-legged buddy, and you will be able to provide him with enough exercise he needs!

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