Home Maintenance Tips for Keeping Dog Hair Under Control

Keeping pet fur off your furniture can sometimes feel like a never-ending battle in the home. So, protecting the interests of your four-legged friend, while also preserving the cleanliness of your living space can often feel like a substantial challenge.

That’s why today, the experts at Buy Jeans are offering their top tips on grooming and cleaning up, as well as some simple yet effective changes you can make in the home to prevent hair clinging to fabrics and other surfaces.

Get Grooming Savvy

Taking a small amount of time out to give your furry friend a quick brush outdoors on a daily basis could save you endless amounts of time dusting, sweeping and vacuuming every week (or every day in some cases). Not only will most of the hair be contained in one place, making it easier to clean up and dispose of, but also you’ll likely see a reduction in furballs around the home, too. Grooming even redistributes your dog’s skin oils into the fur, helping the fur to stay in place until the next brush and benefitting the health of your dog’s coat at the same time.

To ensure you get the best brushing results for your efforts, it’s important to use the appropriate brush for your dog’s fur. To help you decide which is right for your pooch, we’ve put together a few pointers.

Bristle brushes are best for short-haired and smooth-coated dog breeds such as terriers and greyhounds. Choose slicker brushes for dogs with medium or curly hair such as retrievers and spaniels, as these brushes have lightly packed, short wire pins that ensure they reach every hair. For dog breeds with longer hair and thick undercoats, such as collies or German shepherds, we’d recommend opting for a rake-style brush. When buying a rake, ensure the pins are roughly the same length as your dog’s fur, this will ensure it tackles and thins any dead undercoat. After all, the more effective your brushing technique, the better you’ll be able to keep your dog’s hair under control.

You can take extra measures by using de-shedding tools for breeds which typically molt a lot. An efficient time to use these is just before spring when a dog’s winter coat begins to shed and then again before winter as the thicker coat starts growing back.

Alternatively, for dogs with short fur, consider a curry comb to help manage fur fall out, or an undercoat de-matting rake or shedding blade for longer or thicker coats. You’ll find there’s something for every breed when it comes to controlling dog hair.

Keep Your Home Clean

golden retriever puppy playing with toy at room

To keep your home interiors looking pristine, ensure the furniture and other desired areas are covered with a throw, sheet or slipcover while your pets are around – this is especially important if you allow your dog to sit on the furniture.

For an easier and more effective solution, it goes without saying, that vacuuming is your best option when it comes to getting rid of dog hair in the home. If your conventional vacuum doesn’t cut it, invest in a model that’s specifically designed to pick up pet fur to make the job a little easier. Some vacuum cleaners also come equipped with special tools that you can use on your pets. However,  it’s worth bearing in mind that not all pets will like being vacuumed, so try introducing them to the idea slowly and carefully to minimize the stress for your pet.

Whichever vacuuming device and attachments you plump for, they’re sure to be a helpful addition in the cleanup process, reducing the amount of time and effort it takes to clean your home.

When it comes to keeping your clothes and furniture fur-free, lint rollers or removers are a great tool to have on hand. They’re widely available and affordable, offering a great alternative to investing in pet-specific cleaning devices for those on a lower budget. Another budget-friendly solution is using electrostatic cloths, which are highly effective for picking the hair up from hardwood or tiled floors, where it’s not uncommon to find clumps of fur and fluff that gather after a few days. Of course, the best remedy for fur balls on furniture and floors is to keep on top of the cleanup process as often as you can.

Protect and Prevent

There are also a number of preventative measures you can take to help minimize the amount of fur in your home, too. One good habit to adopt is wiping your dog’s feet after they have been outside with a microfiber hand mitt before letting them into the house. This will not only prevent excess dirt from entering your home, but it’s also a great way to collect excess fur from your dog’s paws – potentially saving you time on cleaning in the future, too.

Although excessive shedding is normal and expected for some dog breeds, it can also be the result of stress, poor nutrition, or a medical issue. You know your pooch better than anyone, so if something doesn’t seem right or you notice a sudden increase in shedding, we’d advise seeking advice from a veterinarian as soon as possible.

Some signs to look out for were excessive hair loss or bald patches, any signs of skin irritation (including redness, bumps, rashes or scabs), open sores of any kind and increased scratching. If any skin issues persist for over a week, it’s time to consult a veterinarian. It could be as simple as switching your pet’s diet or treating an allergy. However, there is a possibility it could be something a little bit more complicated, so it’s always better to err on the side of caution and get it checked out.

Another cause of hair loss could be due to a flea problem, as their incessant scratching is likely to increase fur fall-out. With this in mind, keeping on top of regular flea treatments for your dog could prevent everything from irritated skin and dandruff to excessive fur shedding and unnecessary stress for your four-legged friend.

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Whether your dog’s causing you to spend extra time cleaning, you’re worried about the amount of fur shedding, or you’re considering welcoming a dog into your family home, we hope you’ll find plenty of helpful home maintenance tips for keeping pesky, dog hair under control.

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