Hot Cars vs. Pets

When summer sunshine sends temperatures soaring, you need to be prepared — especially when it comes to your pets. That’s because, the heat that comes with this season can pose some major threats to your furry friends if you leave them in an unattended vehicle. It may seem like no big deal to leave your pet in the car for a little while when you go into a store or stop by a friend’s house, for example — it’s such a short amount of time. In reality, though, because of how quickly the car’s temperature can rise, those few minutes could wind up being fatal for your animal. As the car gets hotter and your pet has a hard time breathing, the situation could even turn deadly. That’s why protecting your pets from overheating in a car is vital.

What do you need to know about pets and hot cars this season? To empower you to confidently protect your pets and stay safe this summer, here’s a look at some key facts to keep in mind:

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