How Much Does It Cost To Get Your Dog’s Teeth Cleaned?

A dog’s dental hygiene is as important as the dental hygiene of human beings. Giving your dog rawhide chews isn’t enough for keeping a clean mouth. It’s supplementary to getting your dog’s teeth cleaned at least twice a year as recommended by veterinarians.  Getting a dog’s teeth cleaned from an experienced professional vet is the best idea and of course, this has its costs. Bad breath and tartar can grow if a dog’s teeth are not cleaned professionally at least twice a year. The following are details on how much is typically needed to get the dog’s teeth cleaned:

1. Essential Information Before Teeth Cleaning

  • Pre-dental exam before the actual surgery
  • Large or small breed type
  • Area and state that you live in. If a person lives in a rural state where the overall cost of living is less, then the overall costs will be lesser than the average costs of this procedure.
  • Deciding on whether or not to have anesthesia or not

2. Cost Breakdown

Don’t be surprised when you see the estimated cost of having your dog’s teeth cleaned. The following is a breakdown of a typical visit to the vet’s office for this procedure:

  • The office visit and getting the blood work of the dog can cost around $100. This is an essential aspect required before the vet can do the procedure of getting a dog’s teeth cleaned.
  • Surgery and anesthesia costs can go up to $150 on average if the procedure has to be done under anesthesia which is a route quite often taken by vets.
  • The actual costs of dental cleaning are around $150. This is the actual purpose of the entire visit, and this cost is the base cost of getting this procedure done.
  • Tooth extractions are sometimes a necessity and they can average $25 to $ 30 per tooth.
  • Extra costs of IV Fluids, Antibiotics, pain injections, etc. These can be summed up around $150.
  • If we look at the total costs of the above-mentioned services, the total cost can go above $500. If there are many tooth extractions or there are other complications in the procedure, this cost can go even above $1000.

3. Insurance

Many people who own pets tend to also have pet insurance to cover any unforeseen costs that may occur.  Most of these policies do cover teeth cleaning. Consult your insurance company to find out if these expenses are covered partially or completely. Factoring in this important aspect will give a better idea of the costs of getting a dog’s teeth cleaned.

It is the responsibility of all dog owners to keep their pet’s gums and teeth healthy. Most dog owners take very good care of their dogs and listen to the vet’s advice properly and keep their dogs healthy and happy.

Final verdict

It is essential to have professional teeth cleaning for your dog twice a year because it prevents your dog from any severe diseases. Be sure to also brush your dog’s teeth regularly!

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James Cassidy is a dog training and behavior specialist, as well as a dog lover. He has 3 German Shepherd dogs and is the owner of James also provides numerous dog training guides and training equipment reviews at

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