How to Put on a Thundershirt for Your Dog

No matter what time of year it is, your dog may need support and comfort during times of stress, tension, and anxiety.

Outside noises from thunderstorms and fireworks can cause anxiety.

Even long car rides, crate training, over-excitement, or problems barking and licking are times when you need to calm your dog.

Consider getting a ThunderShirt to provide your dog with ample support and comfort. It may be tricky putting it on at first but it’s as easy 1-2-3-4!

Here are the steps to properly put a Thundershirt on your dog:

  1. Wrap Chest Straps Around Neck
  2. Undo the Top Flap
  3. Secure Long and Short Flaps Around Torso
  4. Wrap Top Flap Down Onto Long Flap

Check out the best way to properly fit the ThunderShirt on your dog!

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