How to Reduce Pet Dander in Your Home

If you own a really fluffy dog, you know how pet dander and dog hair can invade your home. It gets everywhere, and for people with sensitive respiratory tracts or allergies, this can be a real issue. At the very least, it can make a mess, and it doesn’t smell great either.

Here we have some great tips on how to reduce pet dander in your home for cleaner air, easier breathing, and a better smell too. These tips are all very easy to follow, and with minimal effort, reducing the amount of pet dander in your home should be pretty easy to achieve.

Bust Out the Vacuum – a Good One

One big way to reduce pet dander in your home is to get a vacuum, a good one with a pet hair attachment. Dog dander gets all over the floor, and it gets in the carpets and your upholstery. Dander is lightweight, and it floats around your home, so it does invade every nook and cranny in your living space.

A typical vacuum might not be able to deal with pet hair and dander that well. However, if you get a good vacuum that has a pet hair attachment, you can suck up as much dander as possible. Even better is a vacuum with a HEPA filter, because it will filter the dander out of the air before the vacuum spits that air back into your home.

Remember folks, you do get what you pay for, so getting a big and powerful vacuum with a HEPA filter might cost you more than a regular low tier vacuum, but if you are having issues with dander, dust, and allergens in your home, it will be well worth the investment.

Regular Brushing and Cleaning of the Dog

Something else that will help reduce pet dander in your home is if you regularly brush and clean your dog. More or less, this is dealing with the problem at the source instead of dealing with it afterwards. It’s the whole concept of being preventive instead of reactive.

Regular baths for dogs are not recommended, as it is not healthy for their skin or coat, but regular brushing and the removal of dead hair and skin is fine. Get a good brush and brush your pet every few days to prevent too much dander from spreading around the home.

Now, something to note here is that getting a hypoallergenic dog is going to be a big help to you. Hypoallergenic dogs are specially bred for people with allergies and breathing issues. Their fur should never cause allergic reactions, and they are known for not producing nearly as much dander as dogs that are not hypoallergenic.

On that same note, even if you do not have a dog that is hypoallergenic, get a dog or pet with short fur. If you have one with long fur, you might want to consider giving it a haircut. The less fur the dog has, the shorter the hair is, the fewer allergens will cling to it, and the less dander will be produced.

Use a HEPA Air Filter in Your Home

Another thing you can do to help reduce pet dander in your home is to use a high-efficiency particulate filter, otherwise known as a HEPA filter. These filters will remove dust, allergens, and dander from the air. This stuff can really float around and make its way through a home, so sucking it right out of the air before it settles on surfaces is really important.

Besides that, HEPA filters are also great for people with allergies of all kinds, plus for people with breathing issues too. These remove up to 99% of all allergens, dander, and small particulates which you could breathe in. This is not only important for people with allergies or breathing issues, but for everybody.

Put it this way, no matter who you are, breathing clean air is always healthier and more refreshing than breathing polluted air that is filled with dander, allergens, and particulates.

Avoid Having Too Many Soft Fabrics

Yet another tip to reduce too much pet dander in your home is to avoid having lots of soft fabrics. Obviously, you will have some soft fabrics; after all, nobody wants a wooden couch. However, minimizing soft fabrics will make quite a difference. Try getting rid of carpets and rugs, or at least just keep them in places where your dog does not frequently go.

Soft fabrics such as velvet and shag carpets are perfect for absorbing dander, allergens, pollen, dog hair, and other such things.

Not having too many soft and porous fabrics will help cut down on surfaces which dander can cling to. Now, if you do like your soft stuff, you might just have to deal with it and make sure that everything is regularly cleaned. Vacuuming off your couch and rugs, and maybe even doing some steam cleaning, will help cut down on the amount of dander in your home.

Clean Your Home Often and Do Laundry

The next tip to follow if you want to reduce the amount of pet dander in your home is to engage in regular cleaning. You might not want to get rid of your nice carpets or remove all of the pillows in your home. However, you should regularly wet wash and vacuum carpets, wash your upholstery, and more. You also want to mop hard floors and other hard surfaces.

The point here is that removing dander is not too hard with the right tools. A good vacuum, a mop, some dusting equipment, and wet wipes will do a lot. If you are particularly sensitive to dander, you might want to try some disinfectant wipes. On a side note, the clothes you wear also absorb a lot of dander, especially if you love to cuddle your dog, so do laundry regularly too.

In terms of doing laundry, the type and quality of washing machine you have will make a difference here. Dander gets into everything, and if clothes are not washed right, it might stick. We would recommend using a front load washer, as these work better than top loaders. Furthermore, be sure to use hot water when washing your clothes, in order to remove the most dander. Yes, not all clothes should be washed in hot water, but you should do so whenever possible.

Open Windows Regularly

Getting some fresh air in the home can help reduce pet dander too. Dog dander is really lightweight – it is like dust that floats around in the air. Opening up some windows and letting old air out, while letting new air in, will force a lot of that dander out of your home. There is also the fact that dogs and pets can be quite smelly, so letting in some fresh air on occasion is a good idea either way.

Furthermore, if you are sensitive to pet dander, chances are that you might also be sensitive to other allergens that may be in your home. The bottom line is that letting old air out of your home, and letting new air in, will go a long way in helping you to breathe easier and get your home smelling a bit better too.

Get A Pet Allergy Purifier

There are also special pet allergy purifiers out there. Now, these are kind of like HEPA air filters, but a little pricier and especially geared towards removing pet allergens, such as dander, from the air. These might cost quite a bit, but they do work wonders. These pet allergy purifiers do not just remove the dander and allergens from the air, but actually, destroy them completely. This is a fairly new type of air purifier, an innovative one that is perfect for people with pets.


As you can see, keeping the level of pet dander down in your home is really not all that difficult. In essence, it really amounts to nothing more than basic cleaning schedule, plus a bit of common sense. Yes, pet dander can wreak havoc in a home, especially if you have allergies, so you do want to put in some work to ensure minimal pet dander in your home.

Make sure to clean your home regularly, which includes vacuuming with a HEPA filter vacuum, and having a HEPA air filter in your home too. Try to brush your pet a lot, keep the fur or hair short, and try to get one that is hypoallergenic too. If you follow all of the tips we have provided here today, you should have no problem reducing the amount of pet dander in your home by a drastic amount.


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