11 Ways Animal-Assisted Therapy Improves Patients’ Quality of Life [Infographic]

We all know our furry friends make our lives better.

But did you know they’re being used in hospital and therapy settings to relieve pain and stress and make patients’ lives better?

Animal-Assisted Therapy (AAT) has been shown to fight depression, decrease loneliness in seniors, help autistic children communicate, and reduce pain and stress in children after surgery. And those are just a few of the many benefits!

We put this fun infographic together to show 11 ways AAT is positively affecting sick, injured, elderly, and mentally unwell patients across the country.

If more people know that these methods are available, we’re hopeful that more therapy animals can be deployed. The more people in hospitals or therapy who see animals during their recovery, the better their lives will be during the stressful and often painful times they’re going through.

Emily Parker runs Catological, a blog dedicated to helping cat parents love their kitties better. She has lived in both dog and cat homes, and is excited to introduce a new dog to her family (which includes 2 cats) in the coming year.

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