The 10 Best Chew Toys for Puppies

All dogs love to play and many of them are very fond of chew toys. With their curiosity running wild, puppies are bound to get themselves into mischief and anything is fair game when it comes to what they put in their mouths. Shoes, furniture, the trash bin – all have been victims of dog’s mouths when left unattended. Of course, we can’t really get mad at them, but only figure out ways to ensure it won’t happen again.

This is why it is a good idea to have a dog-friendly toy in your pet item repertoire so your puppy can have a safe and effective way to chew. Chew toys are great for puppies because it helps them with alleviating discomfort during teething as well as providing a distraction when they might otherwise, chew on other things around the house.

With so many options out there, how do you know which chew toys are best for puppies? Not all products are created equal. Be wary of toys claiming to be perfect for your pet. Not every dog is the same and neither are their needs. It’s best to prioritize needs and find the best chew toy from that list. Luckily, this list provides you with the 10 best chew toys for puppies and where you can buy them for your little guy.

Here are the top choices:

  1. Goughnuts Original Ring Chew Toy

The Goughnuts Original Ring Chew Toy was designed with durability and safety in mind. It’s no wonder that it achieved 5 stars from consumers. Shaped just like a doughnut, this ring allows for long-term wear and tear, regardless of your puppy’s effort to break it. It also contains red material that is revealed once the toy has become damaged. This prompts you to toss it before it can become dangerous for your little doggie. You can prevent him from ingesting any unwanted and unsafe fragments.


  1. Toy Tasty Bone for Dogs – Lamb (4.5”)

Not only is the Toy Tasty Bone for Dogs built to sustain the strongest of teeth, it was also created with flavor to cater to picky dogs. Not all puppies, believe it or not, are prone to chewing whatever is placed in front of them. Sometimes, a little-added flavor is all it takes to get them intrigued. You can rest assured that the all of the fragments are safe for digestion and will pass through your dog’s system without any harm. This product can rub against tartar meaning that it will keep your dog’s teeth and gums healthy and strong. So, the Toy Tasty Bone is great for play and keeping up with your puppy’s dental hygiene.


  1. JW Pet iSqueak Bone (Large)

Almost any sound or movement will get a puppy’s attention. The JW Pet iSqueak Bone will definitely be a favorite as it has a squeak feature bound to get your dog excited to get his mouth on it as soon as possible. It is also infused with vanilla, which helps make it that much more tantalizing. As with other flavored toys, your puppy will be very interested to see what the smell and taste are all about. As with other chew toys, it is strong enough to take on a lot of biting and throwing around so you won’t need to replace it soon. It’s bound to last for hours of play. As your puppy grows, it will be able to handle him because it is meant for larger breeds anyway. There are also a few color options depending on you and your puppy’s preference.

  1. KONG Large Squeez Stick – Assorted

What sets the KONG Large Squeezz Stick apart from other squeaker toys is that it has a recessed squeaker. This allows for a safe and fun type of squeak for your pup than any other toy on the market. It’s highly recommended that you take your puppy out to play fetch as it teaches them discipline and obedience. This particular product from KONG is ideal for training and providing endless entertainment for your little doggie. The multiple color options are also great for choosing the best combination for your dog’s personality.

  1. KONG Large Squeezz Ring Dog Toy (Assorted)

Another great toy is the KONG Large Squeezz Ring. This bouncy toy contains a recessed squeaker and rubber ring that is great for hours of chewing. The squeaker is also well protected so safety won’t be a concern for your little doggie. The non-toxic materials make for a safe and fun toy that will keep your puppy happy and distracted for a long time. Occupying your puppy with this toy will ensure he won’t be looking for your personal things to chew on. Lastly, the ring shape makes it easy for puppies of any size to grip the toy in their mouths and bring it back to you in a game of fetch.

  1. KONG Squeez Bone – Large (Assorted)

The shape of a toy matters for dogs that require a little extra ease when playing fetch. This is why the KONG Squeez Bone is ideal for puppies to compress and carry the object back to their owners. Its durability also guarantees that your play sessions will last a lot longer than when playing with other toys. The squeaker can also be activated from any part of the toy, which is great for entertaining your active puppy. He won’t have to spend time finding the squeaker and getting frustrated. The large size of this bone is ideal for larger breeds and can grow with your rapidly maturing puppy.

  1. Gumby (9 inches)

Everyone’s favorite childhood character can now be apart of your puppy’s playtime too. The Gumby 9-inch tall toy is a fun and unique toy for your puppy. Finally, the green man has made his way into the hearts of dog lovers – or should we say, the mouths of dogs? The slim design makes it easy for your dog to grip and move as he chooses. This rubber chew toy is simple and fun, characteristics that are perfect for a growing pup.


  1. Multipet Polka Dot Goblet Pig – 9” (Assorted)

Squeaky toys will always be classic for any dog. However, the uniqueness of the Multipet Polka Dot Goblet Pig delivers a grunting noise when it’s compressed. This noise is proven to drive your puppy wild in the most fun way possible. The universal size also makes it great for a dog of any size. This highly-rated, soft plush toy comes in a multitude of colors that is sure to fit your dog’s style.


  1. Nylabone Big Chews for Big Dogs – Chicken Flavor

Little or big dog, they are no match for the Nylabone Big Chew. This strong chew is almost indestructible. Made of high-quality nylon, this chicken-flavored chew is great for even the strongest chewer. As puppies become more prone to chewing, these chews will help alleviate their messing up other things in the house. They’ll be too occupied with attempting to tear these chews apart. Vet-approved, this chew is non-toxic and great for dogs prone to chewing.

  1. Petstages Orka Bone

Making it to the top of the list is the Petstages Orka Bone. The multiple textures help with massaging gums and promoting positive oral hygiene. Soft tartar can be removed from the built-in canvas streamers. Plus, the shape of the bone is flat, helping your puppy massage his jaw muscles. If your puppy likes to play in the water, you’ll be happy to know that this toy can float in water for an even more unique play experience. For land prone doggies, it also bounces to help make fetch even more fun. These toys are great for small breeds as they can easily fit them into their mouths with ease. This chew toy definitely has all the bells and whistles, likely crediting its high ratings from customers.

Wrap Up

There you have it – the top 10 chew toys for puppies and where you can find them. Many toys come in all shapes, sizes, sounds and colors. It can be overwhelming to find the right fit, but not impossible. It’s a great feeling to bring home a new puppy and getting him ready to be your loyal companion. Providing him with the best chew toys are a wonderful way to get him started with obedience and oral health.

Dental hygiene is important for keeping your puppy’s mouth healthy at all times. As his teeth begin to develop, he will want to ease discomfort by chewing. Get him a toy that helps with this, otherwise, you’ll end up getting your personal belongings chewed up.

Also, find opportunities to play fetch as puppies will get bored and need that opportunity to get physical exercise. Along with this, you’ll be training him to obey you, which is a win-win indeed. So, be sure to sift through the list and find the toy that best fits your needs as an owner and most importantly, the needs of your new puppy.  

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