holding a pet corn snake

5 Pet Snake Care Tips For Beginners

Do you want a pet snake, yet you have no idea how to care for it the right way? Snake care isn’t rocket science but it isn’t easy either, so you must be thoroughly informed before adopting one.

First of all, ensure that all of the members of your family are comfortable with the decision of bringing in a snake pet. If you have children, you might notice that some are fascinated by such pets while others are terrified. Therefore, before actually buying one, take your family to the local pet shop and see if they could get used to a snake.

1. Choose The Right Tank Size

A snake that you buy from the local pet shop is not usually fully grown into an adult, but rather a young snake. Analyze the species and study its most important characteristics in order to see how much it will grow. Depending on their size when fully grown, you must look for a tank that will be always be large enough for it. Snakes need space and exercise so a small tank or cage can be a stress factor for them.

small pet snake in tank

2. Place Accessories Into The Tank

Snakes need exercise so it’s an absolute must to have some accessories and furniture such as branches or other typical stuff that you can find in local pet stores.

green snake on a branch

3. Maintain Tank Temperature & Humidity

If you’ve read a little bit about snakes, you surely know that not all of the species have the same living requirements. Depending on their origins, they might need more or less humidity inside the tank. Find out what their needs are and buy a humidifier or a mister if necessary. Also, find out the right temperature for the snake species that you are thinking to adopt.

brown corn snake pet

4. Keep The Tank Clean

Snakes might look like resistant pets, but in reality they are very sensitive when held captive. Their skin could get irritated and they could develop serious conditions if their living environment is not clean enough. Make sure that you set a maintenance routine once per week and that you clean the tank properly using non-toxic products. Also make sure to clean up the feces, the uneaten food and their skin daily.

holding a pet corn snake

5. Don’t Keep Other Pets In The Same Tank

Snakes love to chase their prey; it is in their nature to hunt it down and kill it. They can get defensive or kill just for fun, so keeping it close to other pets such as mice could turn up into a horrific scenario that is not pleasant to watch. When playing with your snake and handling it, make sure that there are no other animals around that could distract it as their attention will lock onto the other pets and could take you by surprise at any time.

a green pet snake

Keeping a snake as a pet is fun and fascinating but there are many things that you should know about them before adopting one. Make sure that you have all the information and that you are prepared to care for it.

About the Author:

Lisa Bagwell is the editor in chief of bestreptilecare.com. She is love with her beautiful veiled chameleon and hopes more and more people will start adopting more chameleons as pets.

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