a golden retriever takes a nap

An Orthopedic Bed Makes All the Difference for Your Large Pooch

Although everyone knows how lovable dogs are, many people don’t realize how similar they are to people. Just like with people, muscles and bones within the dog’s body begin to deteriorate and weaken; running becomes as dogs age and difficult jumps that were formerly easy to make become impossible. Even hopping up onto the couch can become a trying ordeal. The result for many dogs is difficulty in sleeping due to unrelenting pain in the joints.

There are a vast number of skeletal concerns that affect large breed dogs into old age, and there are ways in which the right dog bed can help mitigate those concerns — especially among large, extra-large, and extra extra-large breeds. A good bed like the Aspen Pet Foam & Fiber Lounger also provides your dog with a much-needed sense of security, a place of their own, and insulation from the floor, while providing the warmth needed for comfort and good health. An uneven sleeping surface is going to cut off a dog’s circulation in certain parts of the body causing discomfort and unrest in your dog. No creature man or dog can be healthy and at their best if they are not able to have a restful and regenerative night’s sleep. The right bed will also add extra support and comfort from better weight distribution when your dog is at rest, which cushions the joints and bones.

a golden retriever takes a nap

Orthopedic Dog Bed Solutions

For many pet owners, the best way to accommodate your extra-large dog and their health concerns is with an orthopedic dog bed. Taking your pooch’s comfort into consideration is of the utmost importance while shopping for an orthopedic dog bed. Hip dysplasia is a painful condition that commonly affects both aging and younger dogs. Due to an improperly formed hip joint, this condition is painful for your companion, and seeking comfort is a task often unattainable for them. Other painful conditions that dogs are susceptible to include arthritis, invertebral disc disease, angular limb deformities, and many other bone, muscle, and joint disorders. Forcing a dog with these conditions to sleep on the floor would only exasperate the symptoms of the problem. With this in mind, it is essential to find an orthopedic dog bed crafted by specialists with not only experience in the industry, but with knowledge of pet conditions and what will work to alleviate their pain.

parson jack russell terrier resting on his bed, with selective focus on eyes

High Quality Breed-Specific Beds Can Mitigate Health Issues

When searching for a dog bed that is beneficial to your pet’s needs, you must consider a number of factors including comfort, durability, fabric, and size — and you should also remember that beds custom made for certain breeds are better than the alternative. Not every dog bed manufacturer takes breed into consideration when designing beds.

Trusted dog bed manufacturers will ensure that their beds are made out of microfiber, canvas, or Cordura, as industry-grade fabrics are durable and can stand up to your large dog’s stretching. Make sure the dog bed you buy employs memory foam as well. A real memory foam dog bed conforms perfectly to every curve of your dog’s body, eliminating numerous painful pressure points.

 beautiful young black female labrador retriever lying on her bed

Vet-Recommended Dog Beds Make all the Difference

When choosing the right dog bed, it is important to find a supplier who loves and cares about dogs as much as you do, especially one who provides beds that are endorsed by the veterinary community.  This will ensure you that the beds are made with care, precision, and quality. When you find a company that feels strongly about the comfort of your pet, you can be much more confident in the product and what it stands for.

If you care about your pooch, it pays to invest in a proper bed — especially if your dog is reaching old age, is a Newfoundland, a Mastiff, Great Dane, German Shepherd, Lab, Golden Retriever, or any other large breed, or has a history of joint, bone, or skeletal issues. There is no denying that dogs are family and deserve the highest level of care and comfort. Quality, well-made dog beds alleviate painful symptoms experienced by canines, and reduce the stress the owner experiences when trying to ensure their loved ones are healthy and happy.

nice pet dog on a bed

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Susan Combs is a Pet Health and Safety expert working with Mammoth Outlet. Her specialties include keeping up with important issues regarding pet health and pet care, working closely with pet parents to find answers concerning training, grooming and caring for specific breeds of dogs.

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