Pick The Best Boarding Kennels For Your Pet When Off To Vacation

Owning a pet become troublesome when it is time to plan a vacation. Much as you may wish to it is not practical to take your pet along with you. There are restrictions everywhere. The best solution is to get him into a boarding kennel where he will be taken care of while you enjoy your vacation. You can pick a fancy boarding house or a plain one depending upon your budget, but with the basics. You have to make sure you are choosing the best for your pet. Here are some tips to consider on how to pick the best boarding kennels for your pet.

1. Choosing the Right Facilities

Check the boarding kennel for its facilities. At least, it must have decent accommodation for your pet in the form of a large and roomy cage. A good boarding kennel for pets should not be overcrowded and should maintain the cleanliness. Kennels usually have indoor runs and outdoor runs. These should appear clean. If bedding is provided, as it should be, check that it is free of fleas or bugs. The fancy kennels may have plush bedding and roomy facilities to offer to your pet.  

2. Will they Monitor your Pet’s Diet?

Food is important for your loved ones. Will the boarding kennel for pets consider special food instructions and follow them? Good ones usually take care of the diet instructions. It may cost extra bucks to you, but it is worth it if you want your pooch to be well fed twice or thrice a day, as he is accustomed to. Consider sending some treats with your pet too, so the staff is more likely to treat your pet to some extra love. 

3. How Friendly and Dog Savvy is the Staff?

If it is a one-man operation, then you ought to be careful before choosing this type of kennel for pets. The owner may be overworked and he is likely to neglect certain aspects. An ideal kennel has caring animal loving staff on payroll. Staff members, if present, will check your pet a couple of times in a day to ensure he is not down with an illness to make sure he is comfortable. Some of the better kennels may have people who will impart obedience training and even play with dogs and cats to keep them happy. A neglected pet can become depressed and stressed.

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4. Will your Pet get Exercise?

Whether it is a cat or a dog, exercise is a must. For dog kennels look for indoor and outdoor runs and open areas where the dog can exercise as and when he feels like doing so. An attendant who takes care of exercise and provide training to your pet is a welcoming feature. Sending a favorite toy might be a good idea also! 

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5. Will the Kennel be Able to Help with your Pet’s Health Needs?

If your dog is on medications, you may want to pick a boarding kennel for pets that has its in-house veterinarian or someone on call to give emergency treatments and regular medications, as may be necessary.

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In summary… 

It is wise to check the kennel before making a decision to board your pet. Visit sometime in the midweek when things are slow and be thorough in your inspection. Check staff, talk with the handlers, and get to know their approach. Check the kitchen where food is prepared. Food for pets should be stored in refrigerators or on shelves, not left strewn on the floor. Ask questions about feeding time and frequency, medications, and grooming offered by the facility. Check out the kennel for pets’ smells and ventilation. A kennel that smells means it is not well cared and your pet is not likely to receive good treatment.

Once you decide on a particular kennel, get to know the vaccination certificates required and a breakdown of the cost. Do other pets in there appear happy? If yes, your pet will also have a good time.


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