8 Tips To Training Your Dog To Be Well Behaved at Night

Is your dog keeping you awake all night? Keeping a pet, especially a dog, can be fun but it can also be a nightmare if you have one that keeps you awake. The good news, however, is that dogs can be trained to establish a sleeping routine that will not interfere with your own. When training your dog, it is important to understand the cause of their constant whining or barking at night. It is normal for dogs to feel uncomfortable when they are in a new environment. This could explain why a new dog may be more problematic than your old one.

Weather changes, sickness or strangers may also cause your dog to bark or whine at night. We understand how annoying this may be. The good news is that we have a solution for you!

Here are some tips for training your dog to be well behaved at night.

1. Establish Your Dog’s Sleeping Spot From Day One!

One of the ways of ensuring that your dog does not give you sleepless nights is to give them a particular spot for their bed. Whether it is a crate or a kennel, finding the right spot early will help you train them faster. Creating a comfortable sleeping spot for your dog will reduce the number of times they get into your bed for warmth. If possible, give your dog a pillow and blankets that will keep him warm through the night.  A comfortable and safe spot will also reduce the chances of nighttime accidents and subsequently, noise. 

2. Lead Your Dog to Its Sleeping Spot

Another tip that may work is training your dog to find his sleeping spot on its own. There are dog owners who carry their dogs to their sleeping spot every night. The dog may see this as a negative experience. Alternatively, lead him there with a treat so that they associate it with a positive experience. If you do this regularly, your dog will not wait to be told to go to bed.

3. Refrains From Sharing Beds

Do you let your dog sleep on your bed sometimes? While this is not wrong, letting a new dog sleep in your bed may cause problems later. When you get your new dog, do not make it a habit to sleep with him. Otherwise, he will get attached and stubborn when it is time to train them to sleep at their spot.

4. Do Not Tolerate His Whining

How do you deal with a dog that whines all night long? Most dog owners will feel sorry for their dog and comfort him until he falls asleep. For a change, try to ignore your dog until he keeps quiet by himself. 

5. Avoiding Letting Him In Uninvited 

When you allow your dog to come into your bedroom whenever he wants, you run the risk of being woken up at odd hours. The best way of solving this is to only invite your dog into your room as opposed to leaving the door open for him to jump into your bed whenever it pleases him. When you train your dog to respect your room, he will wait calmly at your door before they interrupt your sleep. 

6. Give Him Enough Food

One of the reasons why dogs whine into the night is because of hunger or thirst. If you are not feeding your dog right, this is the reason why. To solve this issue, give your dog the right portion of food every day. Regular meal intervals will ensure that he is full and happy at all times.

7. Exercise is Crucial

Does your dog get enough exercise? A dog needs exercise in order to stay healthy and in good shape. Exercise is also good in relation to sleep. A dog that exercises regularly gets exhausted and sleeps better at night. 

(Pictured is Lilly, our favorite Dock Diving Lab). Check out Lilly’s story here. 

8. Have Him Checked!

If you have done all the above and your dog is still keeping you awake at night, you should get worried. A dog that whines and barks uncontrollably throughout the night may be sick or experiencing some discomfort. Taking your dog to the vet for regular checkups will rule out any health issues.  The problem could be deeper than you may think but with the help of a professional, you can solve the issue and get your sleep back.


About the Author: Nicole Brown is a blogger that loves puppies! Her baby bulldog keeps her busy and helps her brainstorm dog training ideas. You can find her blogging at Bulldogology Blog or follow her Twitter @nicolebrown16


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