4 Tips for Finding the Best Dog Trainer

Choosing a dog trainer can be very difficult because you cannot trust everyone who claims to be a dog trainer. Some people just claim to be one when in reality, they’re not.

Some do online training for certificates without practicing. Dog training classes’ quality also can vary widely, in that some classes offer quality training while others just do training because they want money. Because of this reason, it’ smart to take your time to learn about different dog trainers. It can make the difference between your dog or puppy getting proper training or potentially getting hurt or mistreated.

I’m sure you wouldn’t want to lose your money to a fake dog trainer.

Below are a few tips that will actually help you choose a good and qualified person to be your dog trainer.

1. One thing you need be very certain about is if your dog really needs a dog trainer. This is just an obvious step but before you decide, spend time with your dog to determine whether he needs a trainer or not. In this case, if you find out or encounter that your dog has major behavioral problems, you may need a professional trainer to deal with them because a genuine and professional trainer will have far greater knowledge and hands-on experience than any typical dog parent. If this is the case, then don’t pretend that you know your dog best because no matter how well you do your research, you can fall prey to a variety of common mistakes. By pretending that you are the best trainer to your dog, there are possibilities that you’re just sending the wrong messages to your dog and because of this, you might need to seek out the services of a good dog trainer.

After spending time with your dog, and you are certain and say, “Yes I do really need a trainer for my dog,” how will you know the trainer you want is a professional? Considering the following.

If you encounter a particular trainer is using choke collars, electric fences or electric prods to discipline your dog then don’t even seek any advice from him or her because your dog will end up getting hurt. As per research, it has been stated that using pain and fear to train dogs is far less effective than positive training and reinforcement.

Make sure the kind of trainer you want has references, and if you are not sure of their services then you can go as far as talking to the people who actually trained him or her as a dog trainer. If they can’t or won’t tell you who taught them, look for somebody else.

Also, be mindful of what a dog trainer’s references say. If they indicate that the trainer uses physical punishment, keep on with the search.

2. Another thing to put into consideration is to identify if a particular trainer has desired an interest in the history of your dog. We can relate this to a doctor who doesn’t ask his or her patient what is wrong with them. If someone doesn’t ask about your dog’s history or doesn’t seem to care, they probably aren’t a good trainer.

3. The third thing you need to put into consideration is to set goals before any assignations of a training class for your dog. Make sure that you and the trainer have aligned goals. Talk to the trainer about how they run their sessions and what a graduate of their classes is capable of. If it sounds like more than you need or doesn’t touch on the specific issue you’re facing, keep searching.

4. Do thorough research on how your dog trainer sets up their classes, how he does his or her training, and if he or she lets the dog play games, have food and do other dog activities. And most of all, the experience he has in training dogs generally. Experience is the most important and key thing a dog trainer should have in the first place. This helps your dog behavior become more wise or even be part of the family member. Dog trainers should be up to date on their fields’ best practices.

You also need to talk face to face with your dog trainer. When choosing a dog trainer, be sure to factor in how you personally feel about them.

If you like the way a trainer deals with you and your pet on a personal level, that’s a very promising sign. If it’s the other way around, then don’t hesitate to keep searching. After all, it’s your dog and money.

Take your time, do a lot of research and above all, consider these tips because if you do, then you can be sure and certain that your money will be worth spending on training your dog.

About the Author:

John Alex is the resident pet care expert. He also curates a select range of vet recommended and approved products. He enjoys writing educational articles to help those who want to look after their pets all over the place. Check out his latest article about emotional support animals.

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  1. Derek Dewitt
    Derek Dewitt says:

    My wife and I recently got a puppy, so thanks for the tips on choosing a trainer. I like your point about making sure the trainer has experience working with dogs and researching how they do their classes. I’ll have to look around locally for a class that has good activities and routines for the dogs.

  2. Millie Hue
    Millie Hue says:

    I totally agree when you said that it is a must to do some research before hiring a dog trainer. As you mentioned, it will assure you that you will be getting the most out of your money. I will be following your tips because I only earn enough money every month, so I can’t afford to waste my money with the wrong choice. We just needed to get our dog trained because it has been pooping everywhere, and we are having a hard time with the litter training because we are not experts. Thanks for the tips!

    • EntirelyPets
      EntirelyPets says:

      Millie, You have the right attitude and I believe you and your dog will go a long way soon! Training a dog on a budget is absolutely doable.


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