What is AminAvast and What Does it Do?

AminAvast is a special formulation designed to support healthy kidney function in dogs and cats.

It is a nutritional supplement created with a unique combination of peptides and amino acids and is backed by clinical studies when it comes to improving the health of your pets within weeks after taking the supplement.

Why is Kidney Function Important in Dogs and Cats?

Kidneys do the important work of getting rid of harmful wastes from the blood, which in turn helps the body control blood pressure, and make enzymes and hormones. If the kidneys are not functioning properly, a host of serious health problems may arise.

It’s possible to notice and treat kidney disease in your pet, but it means you should always carefully observe his eating and bathroom habits.

According to Dr. Johanna Heseltine of the College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, it’s important to be familiar with the normal diet of your pets. She notes that early stages of kidney disease don’t often come with clinical signs, but you’ll know something is wrong if your dog or cat suddenly urinates a lot or is thirsty too often.

jack russell terrier, sitting on a toilet seat with digestion problems or constipation looking very sadHave you ever noticed your dog or cat eating too fast that got you thinking, “Did she even get to taste it?” This is normal in most pets, but with your furry feline or playful pup, it’s critical that you know his normal eating and drinking habits in order for you to determine if there are any problems with his appetite that could be caused by kidney disease.

By becoming familiar with your pet’s standard schedule of defecation and urination, you can also detect signs of diseases or abnormalities earlier. This is particularly easy with cats, as you’ll be able to keep an eye on urination frequency and quantity if you use a scoopable litter (though this is more difficult if you use a self-cleaning litter box).

Kidneys are made up of a lot of microscopic units called nephrons. Nephrons make filtering possible in the body. The waste is sieved and will leave the body as urine. This process is essential for the body to regulate fluid balance, blood pressure, and electrolytes like magnesium, calcium, potassium, and sodium.

Kidney or renal disease is one of the most common illnesses in dogs and cats. This is a broad term used to describe any disease that causes the kidney to malfunction and become unable to filter the toxins from the blood and maintain the fluid balance.

Chronic renal diseases can be quite hard to determine as the signs are often non-specific and the imbalance develops slowly. Acute kidney diseases are much easier to detect since the signs occur abruptly and can be very severe.

Your pets may also exhibit decrease energy levels and decreased appetite. When toxin buildup in the bloodstream is too much, other signs will start to manifest, including vomiting.

What Can Lead to Impaired Kidney Function and What are the Consequences?

Dr. Heseltine also notes that kidney issues have many sources.

Acute kidney issues can be caused by certain infections, toxins in food, and underlying health issues.

Older pets are more prone to kidney disease, but young dogs and cats can be affected by renal problems too.

Urine and blood tests can be performed in order to find out if there is a kidney infection and what its causes are. Veterinarians can treat the underlying cause, such as by administering antibiotics and ensuring that the dog or cat gets plenty of fluids via IV.

If required, there are medications for vomiting and nausea relief as well.

For pets with chronic kidney diseases, vets can prescribe a special diet.

Without proper treatment for kidney disease, a dog or cat will likely succumb to complete kidney failure.

It’s important to ensure that the filtration capabilities of the kidney are working properly to avoid complications which may lead to an early death. This can be assessed by assessing the urea and creatinine levels in the blood.

It should be noted that kidney disease is fairly common in cats and dogs, but there are ways in which owners can prevent this from happening.

Most acute kidney issues are caused by toxins, so take certain precautions, so your pets are far from toxic substances such as specific plants or food, and poisons like pesticides.

It’s also important to make sure that your pet gets a healthy and well-balanced diet (usually high in meat protein sources and low in carbohydrates), so consider asking your vet what foods to stay away from to maintain kidney function.

While a balanced diet is essential, food supplements that prevent the development of kidney disease are also available.

How Does AminAvast Work to Improve Kidney Function?

If you do choose the supplementation route, you should consider AminAvast.

AminAvast contains AB070597, a patent-pending formula designed through a proprietary process involving a peptide and amino acids. It comes in an easy to administer sprinkle capsule to mix

the contents into your pet’s favorite wet food.

The benefits offered by AminAvast are wide-ranging:

  • Maintains the health of kidneys
  • Supports normal renal cell structure
  • Promotes vitality and overall health
  • Makes the coat healthier
  • Keeps levels of oxidative stress in its normal low levels
  • Available in two formulas: Dogs 21+ lbs and Cats & Small Dogs
  • No need to be refrigerated
  • Easy to administer sprinkle capsule
  • No negative side effects

Cats and dogs have experienced the benefits of AminAvast within weeks of taking it. Happy pet parents report that there are improvements in the behavior, appetite, coat, weight, and mood of their pets.

Is AminAvast Safe? Are There Side Effects?

AminAvast is completely safe. There have been no reports of side effects or adverse reactions in both cats and dogs for short-term and long-term use.

What is the Proper Dosage? Should it be Used Indefinitely or Only Occasionally?

aminavast for catsYou can administer one capsule of AminAvast per day for your pet to optimize kidney health.

Cats and dogs can take AminAvast for their entire lives. It supports natural kidney function by making sure the renal cell structure is healthy. It can be administered for life with no adverse reactions reported during an open-ended clinical study of two years.

AminAvast has a shelf life of three years, so there’s little need to worry about the supplement expiring since it can be administered daily.

To administer, sprinkle a capsule in your pet’s food once per day. A bottle comes with 60 capsules to provide your dog and cat with two months of daily doses.

If your pet is finicky and refuses to eat food with AminAvast sprinkled on it, you can mix the capsule contents with water, then use a syringe to inject it into your cat’s mouth carefully.

It can also be mixed with a special food item that you know your cat loves, like a nutritional gel, or her favorite treat.

Remember that chronic kidney disease has no cure, but you can slow the progression of the disease by making your pets more comfortable and with a lot of care. Always rehydrate your pets and manage their diets well. These are the most important things you can do to help preserve their lives.

aminavast for dogsSome forms of treatments, such as transplants and dialysis, are not readily available for cats and dogs, not to mention that these can be very expensive. For acute kidney diseases, dialysis is most appropriate and is given at specialty centers. When it comes to kidney transplants, cats have been known to survive them, but dogs typically do not.

If your pet has advanced kidney disease, a vet should see him as often as every two weeks to check the blood and body weight, and assess if the condition is improving or worsening. If the condition is already stable, rechecks can be done every three months.

Pets with advanced kidney disease but have been stabilized can live years given appropriate care is provided. The length of life depends on the severity of the disease, but scientists have noted that cats live much longer than dogs with this condition.

Never hesitate to visit the doctor or animal care professional if you have questions about kidney disease or if you suspect your pet has one. Your vet may advise you to let your pet take supplements like AminAvast.

AminAvast is to be used for pets only.

black dog and orange cat rubbing faces

Make sure it’s out of the reach of both pets and little kids.

If you suspect an overdose, call a health professional or emergency service right away.

This supplement can be taken even if your pet has an upset stomach as it will help alleviate the condition.

Pregnant pets and pets intended for breeding need approval from a doctor first before taking this supplement.

To summarize, AminAvast supports the lifelong healthy function of your pet’s kidneys, can be used daily over your pet’s entire life, and has no recorded side-effects.

By Emily Parker, Catological.com

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