Dog Sweaters for the Winter

It’s that time of year when things get chilly and, depending on what part of the country you live in, downright cold for some people. Some people enjoy dressing their dogs up all of the time. Some dogs seem to really enjoy being dressed up and they strut around like they own the world. In the cold seasons, having that extra layer of warmth is really great for some of them. Some dogs, a groomed miniature poodle, for example, doesn’t have enough fur over the central portion of his body to keep him adequately warm. Having a cute sweater to wear will not only keep him looking stylish and adorable, but it will also serve to help him maintain his body heat when the temperatures are too cold for him. Here are some really cute ideas for this year and you should have fun shopping for your little guy or gal; for the big dogs too! Did you know that Greyhounds get cold very easily and they love sweaters?

Should Dogs Wear Sweaters in Winter?

Not all dogs need to wear a sweater in the winter, but small dogs can have an especially difficult time keeping warm when temperatures dip into the low end of the thermometer. Little dogs don’t regulate their internal temperatures all that well sometimes. This means that they need a little extra help and a sweater or coat can be very helpful for them in particular.

Thermoregulation isn’t easy for little dogs with thin skin, like Italian Greyhounds and Whippets. You will find them shivering and trying to sit in your lap at all times. This is them telling you that they are cold and trying to get warm. Shivering is the body’s natural way of trying to create friction heat. The shivering moves the muscles and burns some calories, which is like stoking a furnace for them. Unfortunately, they don’t retain the heat well.

Having a water-resistant jacket that they can wear when they go outdoors is a fantastic way to keep them comfortable. It’s also a good idea for them to have booties for their paws. Going outside and taking a walk is very necessary, no matter what the temperature is. They would sometimes rather pee in the house than go outdoors because they get so cold. Try wrapping them up in a warm sweater, with a rain slicker over the top and a pair of snow booties made for dogs.

Do understand that they may act like they hate the clothing at first, especially booties. That’s normal. You are putting something foreign on them and it feels weird. It may even be frightening to them. Try putting their new sweater on and giving them a treat at the same time. It won’t take long at all and they will be looking forward to the sweater and the treat that comes with it. You will condition them to like it.In time, you won’t need the treat to keep them calm. They’ll be used to the experience and you can slowly wean them from treats. There are many dogs that benefit from warm clothing, including older dogs. Old dogs and young puppies have greater difficulty in maintaining their body temperature. Humans are the same way. Have you noticed how the elderly always seem to be chilled? As we age, our circulation just isn’t as great as it used to be. Dogs are the same.

All young babies, whether human, canine or other creature, don’t regulate their own body temperature well yet either. They can get too hot easily and chilled very quickly as well. Covering them with a blanket will help them sleep but what happens when they are up and moving around? Sweaters made for dogs are the perfect solution.

Styled Just For Canines

Sweaters for dogs are made so that they can’t be taken off too easily. They will have armholes designed to fit the shape of a canine body. The front legs will slip into the holes and the sweater will lay over their back. Some sweaters or clothing are even made with holes for the hind legs, such as pajamas for dogs. This may seem silly but for dogs like Greyhounds, who’ve made the pajamas so popular, it is a major win to be able to stay warm all night long.

For some outfits, there are even hoods that can be pulled over their heads and have holes for their ears. You want to make sure that they are snug without binding around the neck. There will be room to attach a leash to their collar and most sweaters are made with loops that slip over the back legs just to keep it from sliding off their back end. This is especially important for bigger dogs.

As with any product, some will be designed better than others so read reviews and make sure that there is a good return policy if you are ordering online. This will ensure that you can make certain that your dog is very comfortable and safe. If you order the wrong size, you’ll want to exchange the item for the correct size, or simply return it. Will the website allow you to do so? Visit Tindog for information on pets, training advice and much more. They can help you learn what to look for to benefit your particular breed of dog.

Some Helpful Advice

Measure your dog around his chest and then from the collar to his hips. These measurements will help you determine what size of sweater he’ll be able to fit into comfortably. You should also measure the circumference of his neck. A bulldog may have a much thicker neck than other dogs of the same body size. You’ll want to ensure that anything you order is big enough to allow him proper movement and ability to breathe and swallow. A proper fit is absolutely essential for his safety and well-being.If you are shopping for a raincoat or jacket for walking them outdoors, look for things that specifically have reflective striping so that your dog will be easily seen in inclement weather. If you’re wanting him to accompany you on jogs when it is dark, foggy, rainy, or early in the twilight hours, you want him to be visible in bright colors and reflective edges, stripes, and even collars that light-up or flash.

Safety is paramount when the weather is bad because people will often not see your dog. Don’t let him run out in front of you at intersections for this reason. Unfortunately, many dogs are hit by cars that see the human but not the dog out in front. Bear this in mind and stay safe out there with a bright, reflective outfit on your dog.

Always err on the side of caution. Don’t put anything that binds on your dog and leave him or her unsupervised. If they are new to wearing clothing, it takes some time to ensure that they are okay with the experience and won’t chew and swallow pieces of clothes. It isn’t advisable to leave your dog crated with a sweater on, for example.

Not only can this be costly, but it can also be dangerous if they choke or cause a blockage in their intestines. Always supervise them when you first start dressing them to keep them warm. Safety should always come first. Proper fit can’t be over-emphasized.

Materials can be itchy to them, some dogs might even prove to be allergic to some fibers. When you first try sweaters, pay attention to the skin of your dog so that you can be sure he doesn’t begin breaking out or develop itching. While this is really rare, it can happen. Most dogs will be fine and really benefit from the extra help in keeping warm.

Entertain Holiday Guests With A Happy Hound

If you follow our advice, you’ll get a good fit, a quality product, and teach your pet to accept it and enjoy it with ease. Your holiday guests will be in love with the canine door greeter, dressed in his holiday sweater. Even if it’s an ugly sweater party, your pooch can partake. Guests will find your dog more approachable when he is dressed in a holiday sweater too. It makes him look cute and friendly, even if he’s a big dog.

Many people with big dogs, such as pit bulls, who often have a reputation that unfairly causes them to be judged, find that dressing them up helps people feel more comfortable; when they are wearing a precious outfit, a hat, a tutu, and wagging their tail happily, they are far less scary to people and more approachable.

So a cute holiday sweater will help your pet fit into the holiday spirit with everyone else, help to keep his body warmer when he needs that extra help during the cold winter months and give him a more acceptable look to people that will be taken in with his dapper, adorable appearance.


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